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Hinggan League, A tier-one administrative division under Inner Mongolia Region, In Chinese [兴安盟]

Hinggan League Overview

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Hinggan league ( Chinese: 兴安盟; Pinyin: Xīng'ān Méng) is an administrative division of Inner Mongolia. It borders Hulun Buir to the north, Mongolia and Xilin Gol to the west, Tongliao to the south and Jilin and Heilongjiang to the east. The name is derived from the Greater Khingan mountain range that crosses the league from the northwest to the southeast. The league's area is 59,806 km2.

Located in the transitional belt of the greater Xing’an Mountains and the Songnen Plain, the league has a long history and splendid cultures. The Inner Mongolia autonomous Region, the first autonomous region of minority nationalities in china was founded in Ulanhot, the seat of the league government, on may 1, 1947. Major historical relics are the Genghis Khan Temple, the Gegen Lamasery, the Hall of May 1 Conference and the offece used by Ulanhu, the first chairman of the People’s Government of Inner Mongolia, Autonomous Region. Its unique scenery is a natural and harmonious configuration of hilly land and plain, forests and grasslands. Arshan, a city in the league, is rich in resourses of forests, lakes, hot springs, ice and snow. It has been confirmed as a national forest park, a national geological park and the national training base for ice and snow sports. It has also been conferred the title “Model National Civilized Scenic Spots”. Arshan was honored with the title “China’s Excellent Tourism City” in 2004.

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