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Your Guide to China> Jiangsu Province>Taizhou Municipality>Xinghua City (江苏省兴化市)

Xinghua City, A county-level division under the jurisdiction of Taizhou Municipality on behalf of Jiangsu Province

In Chinese: 兴化市 ; In Pinyin: Xīng Huā Shì
Administrative Division Code : 321281;
Post Code : 225700
Phone Area Code :0523
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 苏M
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 321281
Area Coverage: 2393 square kilometers;
Population : 1,560,000 persons (by the end of 2010);
Seat of Government: Zhaoyang Town
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City is at the third level in China's administrative divisional system. It's amongst the seven types of County level administrative divisions(县级行政区).
  • Counties (县 xiàn) ( Totally 1,461 across China)
  • Autonomous counties (自治县 zìzhìxiàn) (Totally 117 across China)
  • County-level cities(县级市 xiànjíshì) (Totally 370 across China)
  • Districts (市辖区 shìxiáqū) (Totally 853 across China)
  • Banners (旗 qí) (Totally 49 across China)
  • Autonomous banners (自治旗 zìzhìqí) (Totally 3 )
  • Forestry areas (林区 línqū) (1)
Subdivisions under its Jurisdiction
S/NFull NameIn Chinese In Pinyin
1Zhaoyang Town昭阳镇
2Xinduo Town新垛镇
3Dazou Town大邹镇
4Daduo Town大垛镇
5Diduo Town荻垛镇
6Chengdong Town城东镇
7Zhangguo Town张郭镇
8Zhuhong Town竹泓镇
9Lizhong Town李中镇
10Anfeng Town安丰镇
Administrative divisions with the same English name in the People's Republic of China:

Xinghua Sub-district [in Chinese: 兴华街道 ] ,located in Ganjingzi District, Liaoning Province
Xinghua Sub-district [in Chinese: 兴华街道 ] ,located in Manzhouli City, Inner Mongolia Region
Xinghua Sub-district [in Chinese: 兴华街道 ] ,located in Zalantun City, Inner Mongolia Region
Xinghua Sub-District [in Chinese: 兴化街道 ] ,located in Longfeng District, Heilongjiang Province
Xinghua Sub-District [in Chinese: 兴华街道 ] ,located in Tiexi District, Liaoning Province
Xinghua Town [in Chinese: 兴华镇 ] ,located in Luoning County, Henan Province
Xinghua Town [in Chinese: 兴华镇 ] ,located in Qinggang County, Heilongjiang Province
Xinghua Township [in Chinese: 兴华乡 ] ,located in Huma County, Heilongjiang Province
Xinghua Township [in Chinese: 杏花乡 ] ,located in Hong′an County, Hubei Province
Xinghua Sui Ethnic Township [in Chinese: 兴华水族乡 ] ,located in Rongjiang County, Guizhou Province

Xinghua City has a jurisdiction over 34 towns and townships and a provincial economic development zone, the fourth largest city in Jiangsu. Its municipal government is stationed in the Town of Zhaoyang. The post code is 225700 and telephone area code is 523.

Xinghua City is situated between the two prefecture jurisdictions, Yangzhou and Yancheng, and borders Taizhou on south. Lying in a basin, the city has a low elevation over sea lever, only 1.8 m in average, and is nicknamed a big “Water Town”, surrounded by 22.....

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Map of Xinghua City

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