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Ministry of Human Resources & Social Security, P.R.C.

A Central Government Department  
Address: No.7 Hepingli Zhongjie, Dongcheng District, Beijing China(100013)
Administrative Area
Phone: 010- 84214718
Postal Code:
Main Functions(Profile):
1. To draw up development planning and policies, and to draft and formulate laws and regulations for human resources and social security affairs, and to organize the enforcement and supervision of the laws and regulations.
2. To draw up development planning for human resources markets and policies for the flow of human resources; to build up uniform and standard human resources markets, and to promote the sound flow and effective allocation of human resources.
3. To be responsible for promoting employment and creating development planning and policies for urban and rural employment; to improve the public employment service system and occupational qualifications systems; to enact employment assistant systems and establish occupational training systems for urban and rural workers; to lead the formulation of employment policy for college graduates, and to enact policies for training and encouraging high-tech professional talents and rural practical talents.
4. To establish a social security system covering both cities and the countryside; to draw up urban and rural social insurance, and to supplement insurance policies and standards; to organize the enactment of national uniform measures for the transfer and sustainment of social insurance and measures for the fundamental pension; to formulate fundamental pension policies for government, enterprises and government-sponsored institutions, and gradually raise the integrated pension level; to formulate social insurance and supplement the administrative and supervising system for insurance funds; to budget for the social insurance fund, and to participate in the formulation of a national social security fund investment policy.
5. To be responsible for forecasting employment, unemployment, social insurance and information guides; to formulate, implement, regulate and control a solution plan, and to maintain a stable employment situation and a general balance between expenses and income of the social insurance fund.
6. To formulate the salary allocation policies for employees in government and government-sponsored institutions, to set up salary increase and payment guarantee mechanisms and to formulate, with relevant departments, a welfare and retirement policy for employees in government, government-sponsored institutions and enterprises.
7. To guide the reform of the personnel systems in government-sponsored institutions, to formulate the administrative policies for employees in government-sponsored institutions; to participate in personnel management affairs and formulate administrative and further education policies for professional people; to lead in deepening the reform of title systems, to improve the administrative system for post-doctors, to be responsible for selecting and training high-standard professional talents, and to formulate policies to attract foreign experts and oversea students to settle in China.
8.To formulate policies and planning for arranging the army cadre to transfer to civilian work; to be responsible for educating and training the army cadre and formulating the policies for solving poverty and stabilization of the army cadre in some enterprises, and to be responsible for administrative and service work for army cadres who find a job independently.
9. To be responsible for the integrated management of public servants in government, and to formulate national honor systems and government award systems.
10. To formulate comprehensive job policies and planning for migrant workers, to promote the implementation of policies related to migrant workers, to coordinate and solve difficult and important issues, and to protect the legal rights of migrant workers.
11. To formulate arbitration systems and policies for personnel disputes and labor relations, to improve coordination systems for labor relations, to enact policies for eliminating the illegal employment of child workers, to enact protection policies for female workers and minority workers, to organize the implementation of labor supervision, and to coordinate the protection of workers’ rights.
12. To be responsible for the international communication and cooperation work between this ministry and Bureau of National Public Servants, and to formulate administrative systems for sending staff to international organizations.
13. To finish other tasks assigned by the State Council.
Internal Department List:
  1. General Office
    • Phone:010- 84214718;

  2. Administrative Department of Technological Profess
    • Phone:010-84221387;

  3. Department of Salary, Benefits and Retirement
    • Phone:010- 84220861;Fax:010-84214855
  4. Department of Rural Social Security
    • Phone:010-84221387;

  5. Department of Unemployment Insurance
    • Phone:010-84221387;
    • Add: No.7 Hepingli Zhongjie, Dongcheng District, Beijing China(100013)
  6. Department of Occupational Injury Insurance
    • Phone:010-84221387;
    • Add: No.7 Hepingli Zhongjie, Dongcheng District, Beijing China(100013)
  7. Department of Medical Insurance
    • Phone:010-84221387;

  8. Department of Pension Insurance
    • Phone:010-84221387;

  9. Wages Department
    • Phone:010-84221387;

  10. Department of Training and Employment
    • Phone:010-84221387;

  11. Legal Affairs Department
    • Phone:010-84221387;

  12. Department of International Cooperation

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Ministry of Human Resources & Social Security, P.R.C.
Rén Lì Zī Yuán Hé Shè Huì Bǎo Zhàng Bù
No.7 Hepingli Zhongjie, Dongcheng District, Beijing China(100013)
北京市东城区和平里中街 7 号 邮编:100013
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