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Ministry of Justice, P.R.C.

A Central Government Department  
Address: No.10 Chaoyangmen Nandajie, Beijing (100020)
Administrative Area
Phone: 010-65205114
Postal Code:
Main Functions(Profile):
1. To supervise and guide the execution of penalties and reformation of criminals in prisons across the country and supervise and guide labor rehabilitation in the country;
2. To formulate plans for the publicity and education of state laws and popularize common knowledge of laws and organize their implementation; to guide,investigate and inspect the legal governance of every regions and every sectors; to guide external publicity of governing by law and administer legal newspapers and magazines;
3. To supervise and guide the lawyers work and legal consultations across the country; to administer the social legal service agencies and foreign attorney’s offices set up in China;
4. To supervise and guide notarization agencies and notarial operations, be responsible for the notarizations applicable in inland entrusted to be done by lawyers of Hong Kong and Macao regions;
5. To guide the work of people’s mediation and judicial assistants;
6. To administer political and law high schools, guide medium and high level law educations and law ethics research;
7. To organize the participation in UN conventions and activities in respect of crime prevention, undertake exchange operations with UN counterpart departments, organize the participation in international law symposia and exchange activities on human rights issues, conduct inter-governmental legal exchanges and cooperation;
8. To participate in negotiations for the signing of judicial assistance treaties, take charge of the implementation of judicial assistance treaties;
9. To participate in state law legislations, organize research on judicial issues concerning human rights;
10. To supervise the value preserve and increase of state-owned assets of large scale prisons, labor rehabilitation camps and administer state-owned assets of directly affiliated institutions;
11. To guide the cadre forces building and ideological and political work in the national judicial and administrative organizations, assist the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in administrating leading cadres of their respective judicial bureaus.
Internal Department List:
  1. General Office
    • Phone:010-65205114;
    • </p>

      To study and formulate development strategies and mid-term and long-term programs, as well as key points of annual plans for judicial and administrative work and supervise their implementation; to gather and analyze and feedback on various judicial and administrative information; to be responsible for the coordination, organization and supervision of major political activities; to be responsible for the drafting, review and verification of general documents and reports and organizing press release; to be responsible for the building of information technology network for national judicial and administrative communications; to be responsible for receptions, secrets protection and security, undertaking complaints, accusations and appeals from the general public; to administer archive storerooms of the Ministry. </p>

  2. General Office
    • Phone:010-65205114;
    • To be responsible for the party-masses work of Administration and its directly affiliated institutions.</p>

  3. Department of Finance and Equipment
    • Phone:010-65205114;
    • To study and formulate regulations and rules concerning the financial affairs, goods and equipment, capital constructions of the judicial administration organizations, supervise the utilization of the operational expenses of the judicial administration organizations, take charge of the administration of state-owned assets of the Ministry and directly affiliated institutions; to administer the arms and ammunitions, uniforms, vehicles and other materials and equipment of judicial administration institutions. </p>

  4. Department of Judicial Assistance and Foreign Affa
    • Phone:010-65205114;
    • To participate in the negotiations with foreign counties for the signing of related judicial assistance treaties and coordinate the implementation of the treaties as the central department; to organize and participate in the UN activities in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice, undertake the exchange operations with UN counterpart departments; to organize the participation in multilateral and bilateral exchanges; to keep profession contacts with foreign ministries of justice, participate in related studies by related units on the judicial systems and judicial practices of various foreign countries; to carry out related work in coordination with state diplomacy; to guide, review and verify the foreign affairs work of local judicial bureaus; to guide, review and verify the foreign affairs of the Ministry departments and directly affiliated institutions and handle related formalities.</p>

  5. General Office
    • Phone:010-65205114;
    • To study policies and theories; to be responsible for legality construction and administrative work on key research programs on law ethics research; to coordinate reform of judicial system and working mechanism; to be responsible for organize and edit the magazine Justice of China. </p>

  6. The Legislative Affairs Department
    • Phone:010-65205114;
    • To organize and formulate judicial administration laws, regulations and provisions; to guide the local judicial and administrative departments; to be responsible for the responses to the administrative reviews and litigations; to guide the registration of arbitrations</p>

  7. Bureau of Judicial Forensic Administration
    • Phone:010-65205114;
    • To study and put forward development plans for the judicial forensic undertakings and give political suggestions; to be responsible for the drafting of related laws, regulations and provisions; to study and enact administrative rules of judicial forensic and technical norms; to guide and supervise local sector administration departments; to organize and implement the publicity, theory research, technical exchanges and cooperation on judicial forensic; to direct the implementation of technical research and development on judicial forensic, and the continuing education of judicial forensic staff; to undertake other tasks on supervising Judicial Forensic Association.</p>

  8. Department of National Judicial Examination
    • Phone:010-65205114;
    • </p>

      To study and formulate operation procedures and standard for state judicial examinations; to formulate operational regulation and rules for the state judicial examinations; to be responsible for the formulation and review of the guidelines of the state judicial examinations; to administer and guide the state judicial examinations, and supervise the examination operations; to guide the theory research and international exchanges on state judicial exams; to review and verify the awarding of state Law Practitioner Qualification Certificate and administer the awardees; to guide and standardize related trainings; to conduct the informationization building of the state judicial examination, and guide the local judicial administration departments in organization of the exams. </p>

  9. Department of Guidance of the Grass-root Work
    • Phone:010-65205114;
    • To guide the local judicial and administrative departments in the administration of grassroots judicial offices, judicial assistants, legal services and people's mediations; to organize and guide the settlement, assistance and education of personnel released from prisons after serving sentences and persons lifted labor rectifications. </p>

  10. Department of Legal Aid
    • Phone:010-65205114;
    • </p>

      To guide and inspect the laws and regulations of legal aid and the implementation of the policy; to plan the layout of the development of legal aid; to undertake the administration of legal aid institutions and legal aid staff; to guide social organizations and volunteers to develop legal aid.</p>

  11. Department of Guidance of the Work of Lawyers and
    • Phone:010-65205114;
    • To organize and guide the unified qualification examination for lawyers, award lawyer titles; to guide and supervise legal consultations of government, enterprises, institutions and social legal service agencies; to review, verify and administer representative offices in China of foreign legal firms of countries, Hong Kong and Macao SARs, guide and supervise domestic law agencies in establishing branches abroad; to organize and guide examination, appointment and registration of notaries, guide and administer the setup of the notarial agencies and supervise their notarial operations; to be responsible for entrusting lawyers in Hong Kong and Macao regions to act as notaries public.</p>

  12. Department of Legal Publicity
    • Phone:010-65205114;
    • To formulate plans of all-people law popularization and education and organize their implementation, guide and inspect governance by law, guide publicity work and reports on governance by law and overseas and foreign publicity of governance by law. </p>

  13. Bureau of Re-education-through-labor Administratio
    • Phone:010-65205114;
    • To supervise and inspect the implementation of labor rectification laws, regulations and policies, guide the administration, education, guarding and compulsory therapies of labor rehabilitation persons; to plan the setup and deployment of labor rectification camps and guide the production, capital construction and financial affairs and equipment of the rectification </p>

  14. Bureau of Prison Administration
    • Phone:010-65205114;
    • To supervise and inspect the implementation of laws, regulations and policies regarding the correction of criminals; to plan the deployment of prisons across the country, guide the execution of penalties in prisons, as well as administration, education and correction in prisons; to control the imprisoning and correction of key criminals, organize and coordinate inter-provincial arraignment of criminals; to guide the production, capital construction, equipment, financial affairs and the preserve and increase of state-owned assets of prisons; to administer directly-run prisons; to administer the research on human rights issues in judicial areas. </p>

  15. Political Department
    • Phone:010-65205114;
    • To guide the forces building, cadres' education, publicity and ideological and political work of the judicial and administrative organizations, to study and formulate personnel administrative methods for the judicial and administrative organizations; to guide the personnel administration of local judicial and administrative organizations; to conduct appraisal of co-managed cadres and propose their appointments, dismissals or exchanges; to be responsible for the appraisal and awarding of police positions and ranks; to be responsible for formulation of the Ministry staffing plan, administration of state civil servants and personnel of the directly affiliated institutions. </p>

  16. Bureau for Retired Officials Affairs
    • Phone:010-65205114;
    • </p>

      The Bureau for Retired Personnel serves the retired personnel of the Ministry and guides the retired personnel work in agencies directly affiliated to the Ministry of Commerce</p>

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