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Ministry of Railways, P.R.C.

A Central Government Department  
Address: No.10 Fuxinglu, Beijing, China 100844
Administrative Area
Phone: 010-5184 2281
Postal Code:
Main Functions(Profile):
1. To formulate development strategies, guidelines, policies and provisions of railway industry; to establish unified regulations and rules for the national railways and supervise their executions.
2. To formulate development programs for railway industry and work out annual plans for various aspects of national railways, and organize and guide their executions; to organize and work out related plans for construction of joint venture railways and local railways; to be responsible for the statistics and information of the railway industry.
3. To be responsible for the industry administration of railway constructions; organize and manage the construction of large and medium railway projects.
4. To formulate policies, standards, and management rules regarding railway industrial technologies; to take charge of the supervision of railway technologies, organize the study of major new technologies, new products and assessment of results; to be responsible for the importation of foreign state-of-the-art technologies.
5. To implement the policies of national economic system reform, put forward reform program for national railway management system, promote and guide further reforms of national railway enterprises.
6. To be responsible for the financial work of national railways, allocation of funds and financing; to research and put forward suggestions about rates for the national railways and formulate detailed execution plans after approval and supervise their implementation; to coordinate prices of railway industrial products; to administer funds for national railway establishments.
7. To cultivate and standardize railway transportation market, conduct centralized dispatching control of national railways; to take charge of macro-control of national railway transportation systems; to supervise and inspect the work safety and ethics building of the national railways; to organize the war-preparations of the national railways.
8. To administer the national railways in respect of the human resources, mid-level technical and employee education, department establishments, labor payrolls, environment protection, energy conservation, sanitation and disease prevention.
9. To administer foreign affairs of national railways and external exchanges on economic cooperation.
10. To administer safety and security of the railway system.
11. To be responsible for the special trains and special transportations.
12. To be responsible for the building of Party organizations and political ideology, and manage the employment forces’ building.
13. To undertake other assignments as entrusted by the State Council.
Internal Department List:
  1. General Office
    • Phone:010-5184 2281;
    •   1. To collect information and get grip on the implementation of party and state policies of all railway institutions, supervise and inspect the implementation of the deployment of party and government work and report responses in time. 2. To organize the preparation for major conferences and activities by all railway institutions, take charge of the administrative activities by the ministers and related foreign guests’ receptions. 3. To be responsible for the organization of ministerial CPC Leading Group meetings, minister’s regular meetings, political affairs department meetings, as well as meetings of the national railway institutions, draft meeting minutes, supervise and inspect the implementation of meeting decisions; to draft general speeches for the ministers, the ministerial work summaries and reports; to be responsible for the secretarial work for the ministerial CPC and administrative leaders. 4. To coordinate and organize investigations and study of major issues of the Ministry. 5. To be responsible for the on-duty shifts of the Ministry, internal and external communications, process urgent affairs, urge and look into the implementation of tasks assigned by the Party and government leaders and report results. 6. To gather and process related information, edit and distribute party and government bulletins and other special reports; 7. To be responsible for the major news release, organize and examine interviews of the Ministry leaders and major news drafts. 8. To formulate office work rules for the Ministry departments, organize implementation accordingly, and take charge of the comprehensive coordination. 9. To be responsible for the processing of the Ministry documents and telegrams, and administer documents and guide the document processing of institutions affiliated to the Ministry; 10. To administer the important documents and telegrams of the Ministry, guide the confidential and secrets code work of the whole railway system. 11. To be responsible for the ministerial administrative affairs, manage the printing and releasing of boarding cards of the whole railway system; to manage the fixed assets, funds and office articles of the Ministry, and allocate office spaces; to manage and coordinate social administrative work of the Ministry. 12. To organize the responses to the suggestions and proposals by the NPC representatives and the CPCCC members respectively on railway work. 13. To receive and process people’s complaint letters and visits to the Ministry, guide the complaint processing work of directly affiliated institutions. 14. To administer the various business of the archives and chronicles center; to administer the confidential and communication office. 15. To undertake other tasks assigned by the Office leaders.
  2. Bureau for Retired Official Affairs
    • Add:No.10 Fuxinglu, Beijing, China 100844  1. To execute and implement the regulations and policies of the Central Party and the State Council for the retired official affairs. 2. To organize retired officials to read and study documents and hear important reports, participate in related conferences and political activities; to handle kinds of political treats for the retired officials; to encourage the retired officials to play a role in the construction of socialist material and ideology civilization. 3. To ensure kinds of material amenities for the retired officials including medical care, life welfares, housing facilities, recreations; to organize them to participate in various culture and sports activities. 4. To be responsible for the check and guide of the retired official affairs of the Ministry departments. 5. To overtake the daily work of the Veterans Association of the Ministry. 6. To overtake other tasks of the retired official affairs assigned by the Office leaders.
  3. Commission of Communist Party of China
    • Add:No.10 Fuxinglu, Beijing, China 100844  1. To be responsible for construction on thought, organization and working styles of the Ministry departments and the affiliated institutions; to publicize and implement the laws, regulations, policies and decisions by the Party; to support and assist the administrative leaders in accomplishing the tasks. 2. To organize the Party members and working staff to learn Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theories, to understand the routes, regulations, policies and decisions by the Party, to study scientific, cultural and professional knowledge. 3. To be responsible for the management and selection of Party members. 4. To supervise the Party members to execute the principals of the Party; to be responsible for the construction of a clear and honest Party. 5. To be responsible for the ideology and political work of the personnel appointed by the Ministry departments; to guide the construction of spiritual civilization of the Ministry departments; to understand and reflect the opinions and requirements of the personnel. 6. To assist the Personnel Department to carry out check on the cadres of the Ministry and formulate suggestion and advice on appoint and remove, transfer, rewards and punishment of the cadres. 7. To lead the mass work of the labor union and the Communist Youth League. 8. To be responsible for the united front work, affairs concerning nationals living abroad and the work of Taiwan compatriots and Taiwan relatives of the affiliated departments. 9. To overtake other tasks assigned by the Party Working Committee of Central Government Departments and the leading Party group of the Ministry.
  4. Communist Youth League Commission
    • Add:No.10 Fuxinglu, Beijing, China 100844 1. To formulate and organize the implementation of the tasks of the Communist Youth League Committee of the Ministry; to mainly manage the Communist Youth League Committee of the transportation systems. 2. To represent and maintain legal rights and interests of the Communist Youth League members of the Ministry. 3. To guide the ideology education work and culture construction for the youth of the Ministry. 4. To guide the organization and construction of the Communist Youth League and the management and education work of the Communist Youth League members; to assist the Party in managing the cadres of the Communist Youth League. 5. To lead the activities of Communist Youth Committee organized to help the Ministry to achieve operation targets. 6. To be responsible for the united front work for youth of the Ministry. 7. To undertake other tasks assigned by the leading Party group of the Ministry and Central Communist Youth League.
  5. Discipline Inspection Commission
    •   1. To assist the Ministry’s leading Party group in building a clean and honest railway Party. 2. To guide the discipline inspection on the institutions affiliated to the Ministry and the railway work styles. 3. To inspect the observance and implementation of laws, regulations, Government decrees and orders by the institutions affiliated to the Ministry, civil servants and other personnel appointed by these organs. 4. To investigate and handle the breaches of regulations on the party of the institutions affiliated to the Ministry, the Party organization and administration, and other personnel appointed by the organs. 5. To handle the breaches of regulations on the Party organization, Party members, the organs of state administration and their personnel, which are reported to CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Ministry of Supervision for appraisal. 6. To accept and handle the delations and accusations of the Party and government disciplines violations by the party members and supervisees; to accept and handle the appeals by the Party members and administrative supervisees against penalties; to protect the legal rights and interests of the Party members and administrative supervisees. 7. To lay down the principals, regulations and related policies on the discipline inspection of national railways. 8. To organize and guide the publicity and education of Party morality and construction of a clean government; to praise honest and clean personnel, as well as institutions and persons fighting against the breaches of party and government discipline. 9. To guide the construction of the discipline inspection team in the Ministry; to offer suggestion and advice on the selection and appointment of discipline inspection cadres for the institutions affiliated to the Ministry; to assist the personnel department in carrying out the checks on major cadres. 10. To master the inspection of national railway working styles; to organize and investigate major problems of railway working styles and formulate effective suggestion and advice. 11. To undertake other tasks assigned by CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Ministry of Supervision, and the Party leading group.
  6. Department of Politics and Publicity
    • Phone:010-5184 2979;

  7. Public Security Bureau
    • Phone:010-5184 1978;

  8. Transport Bureau
    • Phone:010-5184 4064;

  9. Department of Security Supervision
    • Phone:010-5184 4850;

  10. Department of International Cooperation
    • Phone:010-5184 2855;

  11. Department of Construction and Administration
    • Phone:010-5184 3799;

  12. Department of Labor and Health
    • Phone:010-5184 4751;

  13. Department of Human Resources
    • Phone:010-5184 4909;

  14. Department of S&T
    • Phone:010-5184 2053;

  15. Department of Finance
    • Phone:010-5184 4851;

  16. Department of Development and Plan
    • Phone:010-5184 6981;

  17. Department of Policy and Regulation
    • Phone:010-5184 1169;

  18. Railway Worker’s Union
    • Phone:010-5184 8319;
    • President: Guo Yimin Vice-President: Xu Chang’an Add:No.10 Fuxinglu, Beijing, China 100844 The All-China Railway Worker’s Union is the leading organ of the worker’s unions of China railways. Under the leadership of the CPC Leading Group of the Ministry of Railways and All-China Federation of Trade Unions, the Railway Worker’s Union operates independently in rendering the functions of safeguard, building, participation and educations of unions according to laws and the China Trade Union Charter and participates in international trade union events on behalf of China Railway Worker’s Union.

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