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Your Guide to China>Tianjin Municipality , [Chinese: 天津市, Pinyin:Tiān Jīn Shì]

Tianjin Overview

One of China's four municipalities directly under the jurisdiction of central government, based in North China, Surrounded by Hebei Province on its north,south and west, facing Bohai Sea on its east.
GDP in 2017: 1859.538 billion yuan, ranked No.21 amongst provincial areas and No.5 amongst all cities of Mainland China
Per Capita GDP in 2017: 119431 yuan, ranked No.6 amongst provincial areas of Mainland China .
Population in 2017: 15.57 million persons, ranked No.28 amongst provincial areas of Mainland China.
Area: 12,000 square kilometers
Post Code: 300000
Calling Code: 022

The Location of Tianjin in China

City Guide to Tianjin: Restaurants, Hotels,Shopping, Hospitals ...

Restaurant and Catering Service
Muslim Cuisine Western Food Japanese Cuisine
Korean Cuisine Hotpot Snacks and Fast Food

Leisure and Recreation Facilities
KTV Cinema Bath

Cafes ,Pubs & Tea Houses Financial Facilities

Mall,Store and Market Hospitals & Clinics

Sports Facilities Community Service

Travel Services Hotels and Accomodations

Tour Guide to Tianjin: Streets and Roads

Nanjing Road Binjiang Drive Anshan W. Drive
Dagu South Road Dagu South Road Binshui W. Drive
Baidi Road Weijin Road Fu′an Avenue

Tour Guide to Tianjin: Tour Attractions
Tianjin Pagoda of Puzhao Buddhist Monk Tianjin Urban Planning Exhibition Hall
Tianjin Radio and TV Tower Upper Proterozoic National Nature Reserv
Tianjin Library The Dagoba of Tianjin Tiancheng Temple
Tianjin Zoologlal Garders Tianjin Youth Activity Center
Baxian Mountain Natural Reserve Tianjin Liulin Scenic Spot

Tianjin is one of the four municipalities of the People’s Republic of China. As a municipality, Tianjin has provincial-level status and comes directly under the central government. Tianjin’s urban area is the third largest city in Mainland China behind Shanghai and Beijing.
Tianjin’s urban area is located along the Hai He River. Its ports, some distance away, are located on Bohai Gulf in the Pacific Ocean. Tianjin Municipality borders Hebei province to the north, south, and west; the municipality of Beijing is to the northwest and Bohai Gulf to the east.
Geography and climate
Tianjin is at the northern end of the Grand Canal of China, which connects with the Huang He and Yangtze rivers (Changjiang River).
Tianjin Municipality is generally flat, and swampy near the coast, but hilly in the far north, where the Yanshan Mountains pass through the tip of northern Tianjin. The highest point in Tianjin is Jiushanding Peak on the northern border with Hebei, at an altitude of 1078 m.
The Hai He River forms within Tianjin Municipality at the confluence of the Ziya River, Daqing River, Yongding River, North Grand Canal, and South Grand Canal; and enters the Pacific Ocean at Tianjin Municipality as well, in Dagu District. Major reservoirs include the Beidagang Reservoir in the extreme south and the Yuqiao Reservoir in the extreme north.
The urban area of Tianjin is found in the south-central part of the Municipality. In addition to the main urban area of Tianjin proper, the coast along the Bohai is lined with a series of port towns, including Tanggu and Hangu.
Tianjin’s climate is characterized by hot, humid summers, due to the monsoon, and dry, cold winters, due to the Siberian anticyclone. Spring is windy but dry, and most of the precipitation takes place in July and August. Tianjin also experiences occasional sandstorms which blow in from the Gobi Desert and may last for several days.

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