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Baigang Township, A division of rural area of Puyang County,Henan Province

In Chinese: 白罡乡
In Pinyin: Bái Gāng Xiāng ;
Administrative Division Code : ;
Post Code : 457100;
Calling Code : 0393
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 豫J
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 410928

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Villages,Communities or Neighbourhoods under this Town (Township, Sub-District)
Village in EnglishIn Chinese In PinyinZONE TYPE
Xijie Village 西街村 Xī Jiē Cūn Village
Baigang Village 白罡村 Bái Gāng Cūn Village
Yangzhuang Village 杨庄村 Yáng Zhuāng Cūn Village
Yanglou Village 杨楼村 Yáng Lóu Cūn Village
Dongchangzhan Village 东长占村 Dōng Cháng Zhān Cūn Village
Xichangzhan Village 西长占村 Xī Cháng Zhān Cūn Village
Shilou Village 石楼村 Shí Lóu Cūn Village
Houxinzhuang Village 后辛庄村 Hòu Xīn Zhuāng Cūn Village
Zaoshi Village 枣时村 Zǎo Shí Cūn Village
Maozhuang Village 毛庄村 Máo Zhuāng Cūn Village
Qianjiagang Village 前夹罡村 Qián Jiā Gāng Cūn Village
Houjiagang Village 后夹罡村 Hòu Jiā Gāng Cūn Village
Gezhan Village 各占村 Gě Zhān Cūn Village
Sishang Village 寺上村 Sì Shàng Cūn Village
Pangzhan Village 庞占村 Páng Zhān Cūn Village
Yanlinzhan Village 闫林占村 Yán Lín Zhān Cūn Village
Donglinzhan Village 董林占村 Dǒng Lín Zhān Cūn Village
Malinzhan Village 马林占村 Mǎ Lín Zhān Cūn Village
Liuzhan Village 刘占村 Líu Zhān Cūn Village
Guanzhuang Village 关庄村 Guān Zhuāng Cūn Village
Panglou Village 庞楼村 Páng Lóu Cūn Village
Xulou Village 徐楼村 Xú Lóu Cūn Village
Jiangmali Village 姜马李村 Jiāng Mǎ Lǐ Cūn Village
Liuhuangzhuang Village 刘黄庄村 Líu Huáng Zhuāng Cūn Village
Liuzhuang Village 刘庄村 Líu Zhuāng Cūn Village
Qilaizhuang Village 七来庄村 Qī Lái Zhuāng Cūn Village
Guanzhuang Village 管庄村 Guǎn Zhuāng Cūn Village
Zhuzhuang Village 朱庄村 Zhū Zhuāng Cūn Village
Chenmiaozhuang Village 陈苗庄村 Chén Miáo Zhuāng Cūn Village
Caolou Village 曹楼村 Cáo Lóu Cūn Village
Xiaozhan Village 小占村 Xiǎo Zhān Cūn Village
Humicheng Village 胡密城村 Hú Mì Chéng Cūn Village
Limicheng Village 李密城村 Lǐ Mì Chéng Cūn Village
Zhangmicheng Village 张密城村 Zhāng Mì Chéng Cūn Village
Qianmicheng Village 前密城村 Qián Mì Chéng Cūn Village
Houmicheng Village 后密城村 Hòu Mì Chéng Cūn Village
Gengmicheng Village 耿密城村 Gěng Mì Chéng Cūn Village
Wangmicheng Village 王密城村 Wáng Mì Chéng Cūn Village
Wangliu Village 王柳村 Wáng Lǐu Cūn Village
Dongliu Village 东柳村 Dōng Lǐu Cūn Village
Xiliu Village 西柳村 Xī Lǐu Cūn Village
Wanghequ Village 王河渠村 Wáng Hé Qú Cūn Village
Songhequ Village 宋河渠村 Sòng Hé Qú Cūn Village
Changhequ Village 常河渠村 Cháng Hé Qú Cūn Village
Qianxinzhuang Village 前辛庄村 Qián Xīn Zhuāng Cūn Village
Xinzhan Village 辛占村 Xīn Zhān Cūn Village
Shizhan Village 石占村 Shí Zhān Cūn Village
Luzhan Village 鲁占村 Lǔ Zhān Cūn Village
Zongpanzhan Village 宗潘占村 Zōng Pān Zhān Cūn Village
Tongzhuang Village 仝庄村 Tóng Zhuāng Cūn Village
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Towns , Townships or Sub-Districts under the same County:

Wangchenggu Township [in Chinese] 王称固乡
Liutun Town [in Chinese] 柳屯镇
Wenliu Town [in Chinese] 文留镇
Qingzu Town [in Chinese] 庆祖镇
Bagongqiao Town [in Chinese] 八公桥镇
Xuzhen Town [in Chinese] 徐镇镇
Hubuzhai Township [in Chinese] 户部寨乡
Qinghetou Township [in Chinese] 清河头乡
Chengguan Town [in Chinese] 城关镇

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