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Henanzhai Town, A division of Miyun County,

In Chinese: 河南寨镇
In Pinyin: Hé Nán Zhài Zhèn ;
Administrative Division Code : 110228104;
Post Code : 101500;
Calling Code : 010
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate :
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 110228
Area Coverage: 66.4 square kilometers;
Population : 23,000 persons ;

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Villages,Communities or Neighbourhoods under this Town (Township, Sub-District)
Village in EnglishIn Chinese In PinyinZONE TYPE
Pingtou Village 平头村委会 Píng Tóu Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Qianjingou Village 前金沟村委会 Qián Jīn Gōu Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Jingou Village 金沟村委会 Jīn Gōu Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Lianghe Village 两河村委会 Liǎng Hé Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Shawu Village 沙坞村委会 Shā Wù Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Ganhechang Village 赶河厂村委会 Gǎn Hé Chǎng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Xinxing Village 新兴村委会 Xīn Xīng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Lianhuaban Village 莲花瓣村委会 Lián Huā Bàn Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Diaoyutai Village 钓鱼台村委会 Diào Yú Tāi Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Nandan Jiazhuang Village 南单家庄村委会 Nán Dān Jiā Zhuāng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Taishang Village 台上村委会 Tāi Shàng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Xiatun Village 下屯村委会 Xià Tún Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Nanjin Goutun Village 南金沟屯村委会 Nán Jīn Gōu Tún Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Jingliyuan Village 荆栗园村委会 Jīng Lì Yuán Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Tuanjie Village 团结村委会 Tuán Jié Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Zhongzhuang Village 中庄村委会 Zhōng Zhuāng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Taoli Village 套里村委会 Tào Lǐ Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Luguzhuang Village 芦古庄村委会 Lú Gǔ Zhuāng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Beijin Goutun Village 北金沟屯村委会 Běi Jīn Gōu Tún Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Henanzhai Village 河南寨村委会 Hé Nán Zhài Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Beidan Jiazhuang Village 北单家庄村委会 Běi Dān Jiā Zhuāng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Ningcun Village 宁村村委会 Níng Cūn Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Shengshuitou Village 圣水头村委会 Shèng Shuǐ Tóu Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Dongtaoli Village 东套里村委会 Dōng Tào Lǐ Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Dongyu Jiatai Village 东鱼家台村委会 Dōng Yú Jiā Tāi Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Chengezhuang Village 陈各庄村委会 Chén Gě Zhuāng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Tixiazhuang Village 提辖庄村委会 Tí Xiá Zhuāng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Shankouzhuang Village 山口庄村委会 Shān Kǒu Zhuāng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
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Towns , Townships or Sub-Districts under the same County:

Gulou Sub-District [in Chinese] 鼓楼街道
Guoyuan Sub-District [in Chinese] 果园街道
Tanying Area [in Chinese] 檀营地区
Miyun Town [in Chinese] 密云镇
Xiwengzhuang Town [in Chinese] 溪翁庄镇
Xitiangezhuang Town [in Chinese] 西田各庄镇
Shilipu Town [in Chinese] 十里堡镇
Jugezhuang Town [in Chinese] 巨各庄镇
Mujiayu Town [in Chinese] 穆家峪镇


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