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Hongjia Sub-district, A sub-division of urban area of Jiaojiang District,Zhejiang Province

In Chinese: ????
In Pinyin: Hóng Jia Jie Dào ;
Administrative Division Code : 331002004;
Post Code : 318000;
Calling Code : 0576
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 浙J
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 331002

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Villages,Communities or Neighbourhoods under this Town (Township, Sub-District)
Village in EnglishIn Chinese In PinyinZONE TYPE
Hongzhou Community 鸿州社区 Hóng Zhou Shè Qu Community
Xiayangzhang Village 下洋张村 Xià Yáng Zhang Cun Village
Shangzhao Village 上兆村 Shàng Zhào Cun Village
Shantoudun Village 山头墩村 Shan Tóu Dun Cun Village
Yandunba Village 烟墩坝村 Yan Dun Bà Cun Village
Cangqianwang Village 仓前王村 Cang Qián Wáng Cun Village
Hetouchen Village 河头陈村 Hé Tóu Chén Cun Village
Taojiayang Village 陶家洋村 Táo Jia Yáng Cun Village
Shangxu Village 上徐村 Shàng Xú Cun Village
Hougaoqiao Village 后高桥村 Hòu Gao Qiáo Cun Village
Qiangaoqiao Village 前高桥村 Qián Gao Qiáo Cun Village
Xiaobanqiao Village 小板桥村 Xiao Ban Qiáo Cun Village
Gangtouxu Village 港头徐村 Gang Tóu Xú Cun Village
Qianhong Village 前洪村 Qián Hóng Cun Village
Daluwang Village 大路王村 Dà Lù Wáng Cun Village
Jiehong Village 街洪村 Jie Hóng Cun Village
Houjie Village 后街村 Hòu Jie Cun Village
Shangyangqiao Village 上洋桥村 Shàng Yáng Qiáo Cun Village
Zhaoqiao Village 兆桥村 Zhào Qiáo Cun Village
Yimin Village 义民村 Yì Mín Cun Village
Dabanqiao Village 大板桥村 Dà Ban Qiáo Cun Village
Chaiyang Village 钗洋村 Chai Yáng Cun Village
Shangyangchang Village 上洋厂村 Shàng Yáng Chang Cun Village
Houyangwang Village 后洋王村 Hòu Yáng Wáng Cun Village
Huxiaotan Village 虎啸坦村 Hu Xiào Tan Cun Village
Zhuchang Village 祝昌村 Zhù Chang Cun Village
Yangjialong Village 杨家陇村 Yáng Jia Long Cun Village
Taxiacheng Village 塔下程村 Ta Xià Chéng Cun Village
Zhujiadian Village 朱家店村 Zhu Jia Diàn Cun Village
Xiwang Village 西王村 Xi Wáng Cun Village
Tongyi Village 统一村 Tong Yi Cun Village
Lingxiangdian Village 灵香店村 Líng Xiang Diàn Cun Village
Tanqiu Village 坦邱村 Tan Qiu Cun Village
Shanglinqiao Village 上林桥村 Shàng Lín Qiáo Cun Village
Shangyangqiu Village 上洋邱村 Shàng Yáng Qiu Cun Village
Wangqiao Village 王桥村 Wáng Qiáo Cun Village
Duntoufang Village 墩头方村 Dun Tóu Fang Cun Village
Danggangqiao Village 挡港桥村 Dang Gang Qiáo Cun Village
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Towns , Townships or Sub-Districts under the same County:

Haimen Sub-District [in Chinese] 海门街道
Baiyun Sub-District [in Chinese] 白云街道
Jiazhi [in Chinese] 葭沚街道
Sanjia Sub-District [in Chinese] 三甲街道
Xiachen Sub-District [in Chinese] 下陈街道
Qiansuo Sub-District [in Chinese] 前所街道
Zhang′an Sub-District [in Chinese] 章安街道
Dachen Town [in Chinese] 大陈镇
Jiaojiang Farm [in Chinese] 椒江农场

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