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Huangqiao Town, A division of Taixing City,Jiangsu Province

In Chinese: 黄桥镇
In Pinyin: Huáng Qiáo Zhèn ;
Administrative Division Code : 321283100;
Post Code : 225300;
Calling Code : 0523
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 苏M
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 321283
Area Coverage: 72.4 square kilometers;
Population : 100,000 persons ;

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Villages,Communities or Neighbourhoods under this Town (Township, Sub-District)
Village in EnglishIn Chinese In PinyinZONE TYPE
Kouxiang Neighborhood 口巷居委会 Kǒu Xiàng Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Dongjie Neighborhood 东街居委会 Dōng Jiē Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Xijie Neighborhood 西街居委会 Xī Jiē Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Nanjie Neighborhood 南街居委会 Nán Jiē Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Buxiang Neighborhood 布巷居委会 Bù Xiàng Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Yongfengxiang Neighborhood 永丰巷居委会 Yǒng Fēng Xiàng Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Mixiang Neighborhood 米巷居委会 Mǐ Xiàng Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Beijie Neighborhood 北街居委会 Běi Jiē Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Zhendong Neighborhood 震东居委会 Zhèn Dōng Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Huaxi Neighborhood 华溪居委会 Huā Xī Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Xinnan Neighborhood 新南居委会 Xīn Nán Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Baizhuang Neighborhood 白庄居委会 Bái Zhuāng Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Taiping Village 太平村 Tài Píng Cūn Village
Hengxiang Village 横巷村 Héng Xiàng Cūn Village
Xiyangzhuang Village 西洋庄村 Xī Yáng Zhuāng Cūn Village
Hanzhuang Village 韩庄村 Hán Zhuāng Cūn Village
Qixiang Village 祁巷村 Qí Xiàng Cūn Village
Yujiazhuang Village 余家庄村 Yú Jiā Zhuāng Cūn Village
Zhandong Village 站东村 Zhàn Dōng Cūn Village
Zhuhe Village 朱何村 Zhū Hé Cūn Village
Shengli Village 胜利村 Shēng Lì Cūn Village
Dongchang Village 东场村 Dōng Chǎng Cūn Village
Zhilaiqiao Village 直来桥村 Zhí Lái Qiáo Cūn Village
Xisiqiao Village 西寺桥村 Xī Sì Qiáo Cūn Village
Hexin Village 合心村 Hé Xīn Cūn Village
Qinfeng Village 勤丰村 Qín Fēng Cūn Village
Haobu Village 浩堡村 Hào Bǎo Cūn Village
Yewu Village 野屋村 Yě Wū Cūn Village
Fengjiazhuang Village 封家庄村 Fēng Jiā Zhuāng Cūn Village
Sanli Village 三里村 Sān Lǐ Cūn Village
Donglv Village 东闾村 Dōng Lü Cūn Village
Gexin Village 革新村 Gé Xīn Cūn Village
Qianjin Village 前进村 Qián Jìn Cūn Village
Shuangqiao Village 双桥村 Shuāng Qiáo Cūn Village
Fanjiaji Village 樊家集村 Fán Jiā Jí Cūn Village
Wengzhuang Village 翁庄村 Wēng Zhuāng Cūn Village
Nanyin Village 南殷村 Nán Yīn Cūn Village
Chenqiao Village 陈桥村 Chén Qiáo Cūn Village
Zhuxu Village 朱徐村 Zhū Xú Cūn Village
Qiange Village 钱葛村 Qián Gé Cūn Village
Jiangbu Village 江堡村 Jiāng Bǎo Cūn Village
Zhuma Village 诸马村 Zhū Mǎ Cūn Village
Jinbu Village 金堡村 Jīn Bǎo Cūn Village
Wuhan Village 吴韩村 Wú Hán Cūn Village
Yexiang Village 野向村 Yě Xiàng Cūn Village
Huazhuang Village 华庄村 Huā Zhuāng Cūn Village
Luzhuang Village 路庄村 Lù Zhuāng Cūn Village
Zhongyan Village 中盐村 Zhōng Yán Cūn Village
Xinyang Village 新洋村 Xīn Yáng Cūn Village
Wangzhuang Village 王庄村 Wáng Zhuāng Cūn Village
Yinyuan Village 印院村 Yìn Yuàn Cūn Village
Nansha Village 南沙村 Nán Shā Cūn Village
Nandai Village 南岱村 Nán Dài Cūn Village
Qinzhuang Village 秦庄村 Qín Zhuāng Cūn Village
Tanggang Village 唐港村 Táng Gǎng Cūn Village
Donggu Village 东顾村 Dōng Gù Cūn Village
Haigu Village 海顾村 Hǎi Gù Cūn Village
Dazhang Village 大张村 Dà Zhāng Cūn Village
Huangtan Village 黄坍村 Huáng Tān Cūn Village
Liuchen Village 刘陈村 Líu Chén Cūn Village
Yangchun Village 杨春村 Yáng Chūn Cūn Village
Shuanglian Village 双联村 Shuāng Lián Cūn Village
Yinjiayuan Village 印家院村 Yìn Jiā Yuàn Cūn Village
Juduo Village 鞠垛村 Jū Duǒ Cūn Village
Guoyuan Village 果园村 Guǒ Yuán Cūn Village
Yanxu Village 严徐村 Yán Xú Cūn Village
Wujiazhuang Village 吴家庄村 Wú Jiā Zhuāng Cūn Village
Huangqiao Swinebreeding Center Residential Quarter 黄桥种猪场生活区 Huáng Qiáo Zhǒng Zhū Chǎng Shēng Huó Qū Residential Quarter
Guoyuanchang Residential Quarter 果园场生活区 Guǒ Yuán Chǎng Shēng Huó Qū Residential Quarter
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Towns , Townships or Sub-Districts under the same County:

Fenjie Town [in Chinese] 分界镇
Guxi Town [in Chinese] 古溪镇
Yuanzhu Town [in Chinese] 元竹镇
Shanhu Town [in Chinese] 珊瑚镇
Guangling Town [in Chinese] 广陵镇
Quxia Town [in Chinese] 曲霞镇
Zhangqiao Town [in Chinese] 张桥镇
Heshi Town [in Chinese] 河失镇
Xinjie Town [in Chinese] 新街镇

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