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Lianzhou Town, A division of Lianzhou City,Guangdong Province

In Chinese: 连州镇
Here is the seat of Lianzhou City
In Pinyin: Lián Zhōu Zhèn ;
Administrative Division Code : 441882100;
Post Code : 511500;
Calling Code : 0763
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 粤R
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 441882
Area Coverage: 104.8 square kilometers;
Population : 97,000 persons ;

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Villages,Communities or Neighbourhoods under this Town (Township, Sub-District)
Village in EnglishIn Chinese In PinyinZONE TYPE
Yanxi Community Neighborhood 燕喜社区居委会 Yān Xǐ Shè Qū Jū Wēi Huì Community Neighborhood
Beishan Community Neighborhood 北山社区居委会 Běi Shān Shè Qū Jū Wēi Huì Community Neighborhood
Lianhua Community Neighborhood 莲花社区居委会 Lián Huā Shè Qū Jū Wēi Huì Community Neighborhood
Nanmen Community Neighborhood 南门社区居委会 Nán Mén Shè Qū Jū Wēi Huì Community Neighborhood
Beihu Community Neighborhood 北湖社区居委会 Běi Hú Shè Qū Jū Wēi Huì Community Neighborhood
Huiguang Community Neighborhood 慧光社区居委会 Huì Guāng Shè Qū Jū Wēi Huì Community Neighborhood
Huangchuan Community Neighborhood 湟川社区居委会 Huáng Chuān Shè Qū Jū Wēi Huì Community Neighborhood
Xicheng Community Neighborhood 西城社区居委会 Xī Chéng Shè Qū Jū Wēi Huì Community Neighborhood
Chengdong Community Neighborhood 城东社区居委会 Chéng Dōng Shè Qū Jū Wēi Huì Community Neighborhood
Chengxi Village 城西村委会 Chéng Xī Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Chengnan Village 城南村委会 Chéng Nán Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Chengbei Village 城北村委会 Chéng Běi Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Banling Village 半岭村委会 Bàn Lǐng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Sangutan Village 三古滩村委会 Sān Gǔ Tān Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Liangjiang Village 良江村委会 Liáng Jiāng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Shazigang Village 沙子岗村委会 Shā Zǐ Gǎng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Gaodui Village 高堆村委会 Gāo Duī Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Mandi Village 满地村委会 Mǎn Dì Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Longkou Village 龙口村委会 Lóng Kǒu Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Longju Village 龙咀村委会 Lóng Jǔ Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Xiemin Village 协民村委会 Xié Mín Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Yuantan Village 元潭村委会 Yuán Tán Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Jinfeng Village 巾峰村委会 Jīn Fēng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Shijiao Village 石角村委会 Shí Jiǎo Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Daping Village 大坪村委会 Dà Píng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Gonghe Village 共和村委会 Gōng Hé Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Baiyun Village 白云村委会 Bái Yún Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Kunbei Village 昆陂村委会 Kūn Bēi Cūn Wēi Huì Village
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Towns , Townships or Sub-Districts under the same County:

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