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Qingzu Town, A division of Puyang County,Henan Province

In Chinese: 庆祖镇
In Pinyin: Qìng Zǔ Zhèn ;
Administrative Division Code : ;
Post Code : 457100;
Calling Code : 0393
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 豫J
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 410928

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Villages,Communities or Neighbourhoods under this Town (Township, Sub-District)
Village in EnglishIn Chinese In PinyinZONE TYPE
Qingnan Village 庆南村 Qìng Nán Cūn Village
Qingzhong Village 庆中村 Qìng Zhōng Cūn Village
Qingbei Village 庆北村 Qìng Běi Cūn Village
Dongxinzhuang Village 东辛庄村 Dōng Xīn Zhuāng Cūn Village
Xixinzhuang Village 西辛庄村 Xī Xīn Zhuāng Cūn Village
Huangzhuang Village 黄庄村 Huáng Zhuāng Cūn Village
Zhangyu Lintou Village 张榆林头村 Zhāng Yú Lín Tóu Cūn Village
Weiyu Lintou Village 魏榆林头村 Wèi Yú Lín Tóu Cūn Village
Liuyu Lintou Village 刘榆林头村 Líu Yú Lín Tóu Cūn Village
Liuhuancheng Village 刘还城村 Líu Huán Chéng Cūn Village
Sunhuancheng Village 孙还城村 Sūn Huán Chéng Cūn Village
Wanghuancheng Village 王还城村 Wáng Huán Chéng Cūn Village
Luohuancheng Village 罗还城村 Luō Huán Chéng Cūn Village
Xinhuancheng Village 新还城村 Xīn Huán Chéng Cūn Village
Shuitun Village 水屯村 Shuǐ Tún Cūn Village
Qianguandao Village 前贯道村 Qián Guàn Dào Cūn Village
Houguandao Village 后贯道村 Hòu Guàn Dào Cūn Village
Qianyang Village 前杨村 Qián Yáng Cūn Village
Houyang Village 后杨村 Hòu Yáng Cūn Village
Donglizhai Village 东李寨村 Dōng Lǐ Zhài Cūn Village
Xilizhai Village 西李寨村 Xī Lǐ Zhài Cūn Village
Changzhai Village 常寨村 Cháng Zhài Cūn Village
Jiangzhuang Village 姜庄村 Jiāng Zhuāng Cūn Village
Qianzhengzhai Village 前郑寨村 Qián Zhèng Zhài Cūn Village
Houzhengzhai Village 后郑寨村 Hòu Zhèng Zhài Cūn Village
Zhangjia Village 张贾村 Zhāng Jiǎ Cūn Village
Tianjia Village 田贾村 Tián Jiǎ Cūn Village
Dongfu Jiangying Village 东付将营村 Dōng Fù Jiāng Yíng Cūn Village
Qianfu Jiangying Village 前付将营村 Qián Fù Jiāng Yíng Cūn Village
Houfu Jiangying Village 后付将营村 Hòu Fù Jiāng Yíng Cūn Village
Dongtaishang Village 东台上村 Dōng Tāi Shàng Cūn Village
Xitaishang Village 西台上村 Xī Tāi Shàng Cūn Village
Dasangshu Village 大桑树村 Dà Sāng Shù Cūn Village
Qianluan Village 前栾村 Qián Luán Cūn Village
Houluan Village 后栾村 Hòu Luán Cūn Village
Maozhai Village 毛寨村 Máo Zhài Cūn Village
Huangqiu Village 黄邱村 Huáng Qīu Cūn Village
Qiansunjia Village 前孙家村 Qián Sūn Jiā Cūn Village
Housunjia Village 后孙家村 Hòu Sūn Jiā Cūn Village
Qianwuling Village 前武陵村 Qián Wǔ Líng Cūn Village
Houwuling Village 后武陵村 Hòu Wǔ Líng Cūn Village
Fanzhai Village 范寨村 Fàn Zhài Cūn Village
Panjia Village 潘家村 Pān Jiā Cūn Village
Zengxiaoqiu Village 曾小邱村 Zēng Xiǎo Qīu Cūn Village
Zhuxiaoqiu Village 朱小邱村 Zhū Xiǎo Qīu Cūn Village
Langzhai Village 郎寨村 Láng Zhài Cūn Village
Taiping Village 太平村 Tài Píng Cūn Village
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Towns , Townships or Sub-Districts under the same County:

Wangchenggu Township [in Chinese] 王称固乡
Liutun Town [in Chinese] 柳屯镇
Wenliu Town [in Chinese] 文留镇
Bagongqiao Town [in Chinese] 八公桥镇
Xuzhen Town [in Chinese] 徐镇镇
Hubuzhai Township [in Chinese] 户部寨乡
Qinghetou Township [in Chinese] 清河头乡
Chengguan Town [in Chinese] 城关镇
Liangzhuang Township [in Chinese] 梁庄乡

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