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Sanjia Sub-district, A sub-division of urban area of Jiaojiang District,Zhejiang Province

In Chinese: ????
In Pinyin: San Jia Jie Dào ;
Administrative Division Code : 331002005;
Post Code : 318000;
Calling Code : 0576
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 浙J
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 331002

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Villages,Communities or Neighbourhoods under this Town (Township, Sub-District)
Village in EnglishIn Chinese In PinyinZONE TYPE
Baojia Village 保家村 Bao Jia Cun Village
Qinglong Village 青龙村 Qing Lóng Cun Village
Weiguo Village 卫国村 Wèi Guó Cun Village
Gaige Village 改革村 Gai Gé Cun Village
Hai′an Village 海岸村 Hai àn Cun Village
Shizhu Village 石柱村 Shí Zhù Cun Village
Jiefang Village 解放村 Jie Fàng Cun Village
Yousheng Village 优胜村 You Sheng Cun Village
Jianan Village 甲南村 Jia Nán Cun Village
Yuguangtang Village 裕广堂村 Yù Guang Táng Cun Village
Jianjue Village 坚决村 Jian Jué Cun Village
Youliang Village 优良村 You Liáng Cun Village
Jiexia Village 街下村 Jie Xià Cun Village
Haiming Village 海明村 Hai Míng Cun Village
Haifeng Village 海丰村 Hai Feng Cun Village
Yanhai Village 沿海村 Yán Hai Cun Village
Laohaicheng Village 老海城村 Lao Hai Chéng Cun Village
Jinjia Village 金家村 Jin Jia Cun Village
Louli Village 楼里村 Lóu Li Cun Village
Sanfeng Village 三丰村 San Feng Cun Village
Sanjia Village 三甲村 San Jia Cun Village
Jiepu Village 街浦村 Jie Pu Cun Village
Liyi Village 利益村 Lì Yì Cun Village
Yixin Village 一心村 Yi Xin Cun Village
Chenguang Village 晨光村 Chén Guang Cun Village
Wutang Village 五塘村 Wu Táng Cun Village
Sijia Village 四甲村 Sì Jia Cun Village
Haibao Village 海保村 Hai Bao Cun Village
Santang Village 三塘村 San Táng Cun Village
Donghai Village 东海村 Dong Hai Cun Village
Tongli Village 同利村 Tóng Lì Cun Village
Mingliang Village 明亮村 Míng Liàng Cun Village
Qitang Village 七塘村 Qi Táng Cun Village
Xinwang Village 新王村 Xin Wáng Cun Village
Heping Village 和平村 Hé Píng Cun Village
Jiejia Village 解家村 Jie Jia Cun Village
Liujia Village 六甲村 Lìu Jia Cun Village
Fanshen Village 翻身村 Fan Shen Cun Village
Guanghui Village 光辉村 Guang Hui Cun Village
Guojia Village 郭家村 Guo Jia Cun Village
Bantan Village 半坦村 Bàn Tan Cun Village
Gaozha Village 高闸村 Gao Zhá Cun Village
Feilong Village 飞龙村 Fei Lóng Cun Village
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Towns , Townships or Sub-Districts under the same County:

Haimen Sub-District [in Chinese] 海门街道
Baiyun Sub-District [in Chinese] 白云街道
Jiazhi [in Chinese] 葭沚街道
Hongjia Sub-District [in Chinese] 洪家街道
Xiachen Sub-District [in Chinese] 下陈街道
Qiansuo Sub-District [in Chinese] 前所街道
Zhang′an Sub-District [in Chinese] 章安街道
Dachen Town [in Chinese] 大陈镇
Jiaojiang Farm [in Chinese] 椒江农场

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