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Shengze Town, A division of Wujiang District,Jiangsu Province

In Chinese: 盛泽镇
In Pinyin: Shèng Zé Zhèn ;
Administrative Division Code : 320584108;
Post Code : 215000;
Calling Code : 0512
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 苏E
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 320584
Area Coverage: 118 square kilometers;
Population : 180,000 persons ;
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Villages,Communities or Neighbourhoods under this Town (Township, Sub-District)
Village in EnglishIn Chinese In PinyinZONE TYPE
Zhennan Community Neighborhood 镇南社区居委会 Zhèn Nán Shè Qū Jū Wēi Huì Community Neighborhood
Diding Community Neighborhood 砥定社区居委会 Dǐ Dìng Shè Qū Jū Wēi Huì Community Neighborhood
Shijin Community Neighborhood 石瑾社区居委会 Shí Jǐn Shè Qū Jū Wēi Huì Community Neighborhood
Guanqiao Community Neighborhood 贯桥社区居委会 Guàn Qiáo Shè Qū Jū Wēi Huì Community Neighborhood
Qinxing Village 勤幸村委会 Qín Xìng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Zhujiabang Village 朱家浜村委会 Zhū Jiā Bāng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Xinle Village 新乐村委会 Xīn Lè Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Jinxing Village 金星村委会 Jīn Xīng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Sanshan Village 三扇村委会 Sān Shān Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Zhong′anqiao Village 众安桥村委会 Zhòng ān Qiáo Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Qixin Village 齐心村委会 Qí Xīn Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Yongle Village 永乐村委会 Yǒng Lè Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Shuangyang Village 双阳村委会 Shuāng Yáng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Xinxing Village 新幸村委会 Xīn Xìng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Lize Village 蠡泽村委会 Lí Zé Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Xinghua Village 兴华村委会 Xīng Huā Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Dachuangang Village 大船港村委会 Dà Chuán Gǎng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Guanqiao Village 贯桥村委会 Guàn Qiáo Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Taohuazhuang Village 桃花庄村委会 Táo Huā Zhuāng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Caocun Village 曹村村委会 Cáo Cūn Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Changjiawan Village 长家湾村委会 Cháng Jiā Wān Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Qiangang Village 前港村委会 Qián Gǎng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Lianxing Village 联星村委会 Lián Xīng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Lingang Village 林港村委会 Lín Gǎng Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Xiajiadou Village 夏家抖村委会 Xià Jiā Dǒu Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Longjiangqiao Village 龙降桥村委会 Lóng Jiàng Qiáo Cūn Wēi Huì Village
Huamuqiao Village 花木桥村委会 Huā Mù Qiáo Cūn Wēi Huì Village
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Towns , Townships or Sub-Districts under the same County:

Songling Town [in Chinese] 松陵镇
Tongli Town [in Chinese] 同里镇
Pingwang Town [in Chinese] 平望镇
Zhenze Town [in Chinese] 震泽镇
Hengshan Town [in Chinese] 横扇镇
Qidu Town [in Chinese] 七都镇
Taoyuan Town [in Chinese] 桃源镇
Fenhu Town [in Chinese] 汾湖镇
Economic Development Area [in Chinese] 经济开发区


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