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Tangxian Town, A division of Yongkang City,Zhejiang Province

In Chinese: ???
In Pinyin: Táng Xian Zhèn ;
Administrative Division Code : ;
Post Code : 321300;
Calling Code : 0579
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 浙G
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 330784

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Villages,Communities or Neighbourhoods under this Town (Township, Sub-District)
Village in EnglishIn Chinese In PinyinZONE TYPE
Tangxian Neighborhood 唐先居委会 Táng Xian Ju Wei Huì Neighborhood
Zhongshan Neighborhood 中山居委会 Zhong Shan Ju Wei Huì Neighborhood
Tangxian Third Village 唐先三村 Táng Xian San Cun Third Village
Tangxian First Village 唐先一村 Táng Xian Yi Cun First Village
Tangxian Second Village 唐先二村 Táng Xian èr Cun Second Village
Tangxian Fourth Village 唐先四村 Táng Xian Sì Cun Fourth Village
Shihukeng Village 石湖坑村 Shí Hú Keng Cun Village
Jianzhuang Village 谏庄村 Jiàn Zhuang Cun Village
Tongxi Village 桐溪村 Tóng Xi Cun Village
Yanqian Village 岩前村 Yán Qián Cun Village
Tangdong Village 唐东村 Táng Dong Cun Village
Qingtangzhuang Village 清塘庄村 Qing Táng Zhuang Cun Village
Jinfan Village 金畈村 Jin Fàn Cun Village
Shangren Village 上仁村 Shàng Rén Cun Village
Shiqiaotou Village 石桥头村 Shí Qiáo Tóu Cun Village
Qianxi Village 前溪村 Qián Xi Cun Village
Shihukou Village 石湖口村 Shí Hú Kou Cun Village
Tangxiashu Village 唐下舒村 Táng Xià Shu Cun Village
Shangkao Village 上考村 Shàng Kao Cun Village
Longshan Village 龙山村 Lóng Shan Cun Village
Qianshan Village 前山村 Qián Shan Cun Village
Ta′ertou Village 塔儿头村 Ta ér Tóu Cun Village
Geshanyan Village 格山沿村 Ge Shan Yán Cun Village
Yunlu Village 云路村 Yún Lù Cun Village
Xinhe Village 新河村 Xin Hé Cun Village
Shangxinwu Village 上新屋村 Shàng Xin Wu Cun Village
Yandongkou Village 岩洞口村 Yán Dòng Kou Cun Village
Yanduli Village 岩渡里村 Yán Dù Li Cun Village
Dahou Village 大后村 Dà Hòu Cun Village
Xiatian Village 下田村 Xià Tián Cun Village
Zetang Village 泽塘村 Zé Táng Cun Village
Tangshang Village 唐上村 Táng Shàng Cun Village
San′ertou Village 三儿头村 San ér Tóu Cun Village
Wangcun Village 汪村 Wang Cun Village
Yezhai Village 叶宅村 Yè Zhái Cun Village
Hengyang Village 横洋村 Héng Yáng Cun Village
Fengshan Sikou Village 凤山寺口村 Fèng Shan Sì Kou Cun Village
Guanyingtang Village 官英堂村 Guan Ying Táng Cun Village
Rentan Village 仁坛村 Rén Tán Cun Village
Xiaducao Village 夏杜曹村 Xià Dù Cáo Cun Village
Yatang Village 雅堂村 Ya Táng Cun Village
Shangting Village 上厅村 Shàng Ting Cun Village
Xiangyali Village 象牙里村 Xiàng Yá Li Cun Village
Bailiantang Village 白莲塘村 Bái Lián Táng Cun Village
Changtangtou Village 长塘头村 Cháng Táng Tóu Cun Village
Qiandujin Village 前渡金村 Qián Dù Jin Cun Village
Houlikeng Village 后力坑村 Hòu Lì Keng Cun Village
Zhongshan Village 中山村 Zhong Shan Cun Village
Ankeng Village 安坑村 an Keng Cun Village
Shanduantou Village 山端头村 Shan Duan Tóu Cun Village
Ruolingxia Village 箬岭下村 Ruò Ling Xià Cun Village
Xiawei Village 下位村 Xià Wèi Cun Village
Jinkeng Village 金坑村 Jin Keng Cun Village
Zhoukeng Village 周坑村 Zhou Keng Cun Village
Changchuan Village 长川村 Cháng Chuan Cun Village
Lilingjiao Village 里岭脚村 Li Ling Jiao Cun Village
Mingxing Village 明星村 Míng Xing Cun Village
Panchuan Village 潘川村 Pan Chuan Cun Village
Guzhucheng Village 古竹城村 Gu Zhú Chéng Cun Village
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Towns , Townships or Sub-Districts under the same County:

Dongcheng Sub-District [in Chinese] 东城街道
Qiancang Town [in Chinese] 前仓镇
Huajie Town [in Chinese] 花街镇
Zhoushan Town [in Chinese] 舟山镇
Gushan Town [in Chinese] 古山镇
Xixi Town [in Chinese] 西溪镇
Fangyan Town [in Chinese] 方岩镇
Xiangzhu Town [in Chinese] 象珠镇
Shizhu Town [in Chinese] 石柱镇

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