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Wenliu Town, A division of Puyang County,Henan Province

In Chinese: 文留镇
In Pinyin: Wén Líu Zhèn ;
Administrative Division Code : ;
Post Code : 457100;
Calling Code : 0393
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 豫J
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 410928

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Villages,Communities or Neighbourhoods under this Town (Township, Sub-District)
Village in EnglishIn Chinese In PinyinZONE TYPE
Wenliu Village 文留村 Wén Líu Cūn Village
Shengzhuang Village 盛庄村 Shèng Zhuāng Cūn Village
Anzhuang Village 安庄村 ān Zhuāng Cūn Village
Zhaozhuang Village 赵庄村 Zhào Zhuāng Cūn Village
Tianzhuang Village 田庄村 Tián Zhuāng Cūn Village
Nanyuan Village 南园村 Nán Yuán Cūn Village
Renzhuang Village 任庄村 Rèn Zhuāng Cūn Village
Qiancaochang Village 前草场村 Qián Cǎo Chǎng Cūn Village
Cuizhuang Village 崔庄村 Cuī Zhuāng Cūn Village
Gaozhuang Village 高庄村 Gāo Zhuāng Cūn Village
Yuanzhuang Village 袁庄村 Yuán Zhuāng Cūn Village
Hujiazhuang Village 胡家庄村 Hú Jiā Zhuāng Cūn Village
Wangmingtun Village 王明屯村 Wáng Míng Tún Cūn Village
Zuozaolin Village 左枣林村 Zuǒ Zǎo Lín Cūn Village
Yangzhuang Village 杨庄村 Yáng Zhuāng Cūn Village
Chengzaolin Village 程枣林村 Chéng Zǎo Lín Cūn Village
Wangchengzhuang Village 王程庄村 Wáng Chéng Zhuāng Cūn Village
Fangliuzhuang Village 房刘庄村 Fáng Líu Zhuāng Cūn Village
Shatan Village 沙滩村 Shā Tān Cūn Village
Dongxingtun Village 东邢屯村 Dōng Xíng Tún Cūn Village
Linzhuang Village 林庄村 Lín Zhuāng Cūn Village
Anlou Village 安楼村 ān Lóu Cūn Village
Xixingtun Village 西邢屯村 Xī Xíng Tún Cūn Village
Houxingtun Village 后邢屯村 Hòu Xíng Tún Cūn Village
Fenglou Village 冯楼村 Féng Lóu Cūn Village
Mazhai Village 马寨村 Mǎ Zhài Cūn Village
Guantaozhai Village 贯陶寨村 Guàn Táo Zhài Cūn Village
Xinchezhuang Village 新车庄村 Xīn Chē Zhuāng Cūn Village
Shanglou Village 尚楼村 Shàng Lóu Cūn Village
Liuzhuang Village 刘庄村 Líu Zhuāng Cūn Village
Jingtai Village 荆台村 Jīng Tāi Cūn Village
Dongwangzhuang Village 东王庄村 Dōng Wáng Zhuāng Cūn Village
Dongzhangzhuang Village 东张庄村 Dōng Zhāng Zhuāng Cūn Village
Shilangzhai Village 侍郎寨村 Shì Láng Zhài Cūn Village
Jizhuang Village 吉庄村 Jí Zhuāng Cūn Village
Chongwangmiao Village 虫王庙村 Chóng Wáng Miào Cūn Village
Qianpencheng Village 前盆城村 Qián Pén Chéng Cūn Village
Houcaochang Village 后草场村 Hòu Cǎo Chǎng Cūn Village
Bazhuang Village 巴庄村 Bā Zhuāng Cūn Village
Qianzhaolou Village 前赵楼村 Qián Zhào Lóu Cūn Village
Houzhaolou Village 后赵楼村 Hòu Zhào Lóu Cūn Village
Dongzhuang Village 董庄村 Dǒng Zhuāng Cūn Village
Houpencheng Village 后盆城村 Hòu Pén Chéng Cūn Village
Zaoke Village 枣科村 Zǎo Kē Cūn Village
Liulou Village 刘楼村 Líu Lóu Cūn Village
Yadoutun Village 芽豆屯村 Yá Dòu Tún Cūn Village
Nanzhangzhuang Village 南张庄村 Nán Zhāng Zhuāng Cūn Village
Qiuzhuang Village 邱庄村 Qīu Zhuāng Cūn Village
Huazhuang Village 化庄村 Huā Zhuāng Cūn Village
Qizhuang Village 齐庄村 Qí Zhuāng Cūn Village
Zhongchezhuang Village 中车庄村 Zhōng Chē Zhuāng Cūn Village
Sitai Village 寺台村 Sì Tāi Cūn Village
Nanwangzhuang Village 南王庄村 Nán Wáng Zhuāng Cūn Village
Xisuanmiao Village 西酸庙村 Xī Suān Miào Cūn Village
Dongsuanmiao Village 东酸庙村 Dōng Suān Miào Cūn Village
Xixiaozhai Village 西肖寨村 Xī Xiāo Zhài Cūn Village
Dongxiaozhai Village 东肖寨村 Dōng Xiāo Zhài Cūn Village
Lixiaozhai Village 李肖寨村 Lǐ Xiāo Zhài Cūn Village
Yangxiaozhai Village 杨肖寨村 Yáng Xiāo Zhài Cūn Village
Mengying Village 孟英村 Mèng Yīng Cūn Village
Hanlitai Village 韩李台村 Hán Lǐ Tāi Cūn Village
Yingang Village 银岗村 Yín Gǎng Cūn Village
Qianfenglou Village 前冯楼村 Qián Féng Lóu Cūn Village
No.1 Mining District No.1 Mining District 一矿区 Yī Kuàng Qū No.1 Mining District
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Towns , Townships or Sub-Districts under the same County:

Wangchenggu Township [in Chinese] 王称固乡
Liutun Town [in Chinese] 柳屯镇
Qingzu Town [in Chinese] 庆祖镇
Bagongqiao Town [in Chinese] 八公桥镇
Xuzhen Town [in Chinese] 徐镇镇
Hubuzhai Township [in Chinese] 户部寨乡
Qinghetou Township [in Chinese] 清河头乡
Chengguan Town [in Chinese] 城关镇
Liangzhuang Township [in Chinese] 梁庄乡

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