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Xinli Sub-district, A sub-division of urban area of Dongli District,

In Chinese: ????
In Pinyin: Xin Lì Jie Dào ;
Administrative Division Code : 120110005;
Post Code : 300300;
Calling Code : 022
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate :
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 120110

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Villages,Communities or Neighbourhoods under this Town (Township, Sub-District)
Village in EnglishIn Chinese In PinyinZONE TYPE
Minhang Xueyuan Community Neighborhood 民航学院社区居委会 Mín Háng Xué Yuàn Shè Qu Ju Wei Huì Community Neighborhood
Xunhaili Community Neighborhood 驯海里社区居委会 Xún Hai Li Shè Qu Ju Wei Huì Community Neighborhood
Minhangxiang Community Neighborhood 民航巷社区居委会 Mín Háng Xiàng Shè Qu Ju Wei Huì Community Neighborhood
Xinli Village Committee 新立村委会 Xin Lì Cun Wei Huì Village Committee
Sihezhuang Village 四合庄村委会 Sì Hé Zhuang Cun Wei Huì Village
Zhonghe Village 中河村委会 Zhong Hé Cun Wei Huì Village
Zhangguizhuang Village 张贵庄村委会 Zhang Guì Zhuang Cun Wei Huì Village
Cuijia Matou Village 崔家码头村委会 Cui Jia Ma Tóu Cun Wei Huì Village
Guzhuang Village 顾庄村委会 Gù Zhuang Cun Wei Huì Village
Shangzhaizhuang Village 上翟庄村委会 Shàng Zhái Zhuang Cun Wei Huì Village
Xiyang Village 西扬村委会 Xi Yáng Cun Wei Huì Village
Dongyangchang Village 东扬场村委会 Dong Yáng Chang Cun Wei Huì Village
Xingquan Village 邢圈村委会 Xíng Quan Cun Wei Huì Village
Xinxing Village 新兴村委会 Xin Xing Cun Wei Huì Village
Baoyuan Village 宝元村委会 Bao Yuán Cun Wei Huì Village
Xiaodongzhuang Village 小东庄村委会 Xiao Dong Zhuang Cun Wei Huì Village
Dongdaqiao Village 东大桥村委会 Dong Dà Qiáo Cun Wei Huì Village
Zhongying Village 中营村委会 Zhong Yíng Cun Wei Huì Village
Shisanqing Village 十三顷村委会 Shí San Qing Cun Wei Huì Village
Laoquan Village 老圈村委会 Lao Quan Cun Wei Huì Village
Wohe Village 卧河村委会 Wò Hé Cun Wei Huì Village
Niwo Village 泥窝村委会 Ní Wo Cun Wei Huì Village
Chengshang Village 城上村委会 Chéng Shàng Cun Wei Huì Village
Yaoshang Village 窑上村委会 Yáo Shàng Cun Wei Huì Village
Wuben First Village Committee 务本一村委会 Wù Ben Yi Cun Wei Huì First Village Committee
Wuben Second Village Committee 务本二村委会 Wù Ben èr Cun Wei Huì Second Village Committee
Wuben Third Village Committee 务本三村委会 Wù Ben San Cun Wei Huì Third Village Committee
Zhaobei Village 赵北村委会 Zhào Bei Cun Wei Huì Village
Daodi Village 稻地村委会 Dào Dì Cun Wei Huì Village
Dazheng Village 大郑村委会 Dà Zhèng Cun Wei Huì Village
Minhang Jichang Community 民航机场社区 Mín Háng Ji Chang Shè Qu Community
Civil Aviation University of China Community 中国民航大学社区 Zhong Guó Mín Háng Dà Xué Shè Qu Community
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Towns , Townships or Sub-Districts under the same County:

Zhangguizhuang Sub-District [in Chinese] 张贵庄街道
Fengniancun Sub-District [in Chinese] 丰年村街道
Wanxin Sub-District [in Chinese] 万新街道
Wuxia Sub-District [in Chinese] 无瑕街道
Huaming Sub-District [in Chinese] 华明街道
Jinzhong Sub-District [in Chinese] 金钟街道
Junliangcheng Sub-District [in Chinese] 军粮城街道
Meliuqiao Township [in Chinese] 么六桥乡
Development Area West Zone [in Chinese] 开发区西区


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