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Xuzhen Town, A division of Puyang County,Henan Province

In Chinese: 徐镇镇
In Pinyin: Xú Zhèn Zhèn ;
Administrative Division Code : ;
Post Code : 457100;
Calling Code : 0393
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 豫J
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 410928

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Villages,Communities or Neighbourhoods under this Town (Township, Sub-District)
Village in EnglishIn Chinese In PinyinZONE TYPE
Xuzhenji Village 徐镇集村 Xú Zhèn Jí Cūn Village
Renlou Village 任楼村 Rèn Lóu Cūn Village
Wangzhan Village 旺占村 Wàng Zhān Cūn Village
Liuhuangzhuang Village 刘黄庄村 Líu Huáng Zhuāng Cūn Village
Songhuangzhuang Village 宋黄庄村 Sòng Huáng Zhuāng Cūn Village
Yuanhuangzhuang Village 袁黄庄村 Yuán Huáng Zhuāng Cūn Village
Gaohuangzhuang Village 高黄庄村 Gāo Huáng Zhuāng Cūn Village
Tianbaozhai Village 天保寨村 Tiān Bǎo Zhài Cūn Village
Wanglou Village 王楼村 Wáng Lóu Cūn Village
Yangguo Village 杨郭村 Yáng Guō Cūn Village
Xiaguo Village 夏郭村 Xià Guō Cūn Village
Liguo Village 李郭村 Lǐ Guō Cūn Village
Xieguo Village 谢郭村 Xiè Guō Cūn Village
Laojie Village 老街村 Lǎo Jiē Cūn Village
Caiji Village 蔡吉村 Cài Jí Cūn Village
Maji Village 马吉村 Mǎ Jí Cūn Village
Houlou Village 后楼村 Hòu Lóu Cūn Village
Jizhan Village 吉占村 Jí Zhān Cūn Village
Houdazhan Village 后大占村 Hòu Dà Zhān Cūn Village
Liudazhan Village 刘大占村 Líu Dà Zhān Cūn Village
Liangdazhan Village 梁大占村 Liáng Dà Zhān Cūn Village
Niedazhan Village 聂大占村 Niè Dà Zhān Cūn Village
Chengdazhan Village 程大占村 Chéng Dà Zhān Cūn Village
Yindazhan Village 尹大占村 Yǐn Dà Zhān Cūn Village
Changting Village 长亭村 Cháng Tíng Cūn Village
Liubaquan Village 刘八劝村 Líu Bā Quàn Cūn Village
Lianbaquan Village 连八劝村 Lián Bā Quàn Cūn Village
Fangbaquan Village 方八劝村 Fāng Bā Quàn Cūn Village
Tubaquan Village 屠八劝村 Tú Bā Quàn Cūn Village
Wangding Village 王定村 Wáng Dìng Cūn Village
Sanhe Village 三合村 Sān Hé Cūn Village
Chaozhai Village 晁寨村 Cháo Zhài Cūn Village
Huangzhai Village 黄寨村 Huáng Zhài Cūn Village
Qianjiuzhang Village 前九章村 Qián Jǐu Zhāng Cūn Village
Houjiuzhang Village 后九章村 Hòu Jǐu Zhāng Cūn Village
Lijiuzhang Village 李九章村 Lǐ Jǐu Zhāng Cūn Village
Chaolou Village 晁楼村 Cháo Lóu Cūn Village
Caozhuang Village 曹庄村 Cáo Zhuāng Cūn Village
Dongzhan Village 董占村 Dǒng Zhān Cūn Village
Qianfanzhan Village 前范占村 Qián Fàn Zhān Cūn Village
Houfanzhan Village 后范占村 Hòu Fàn Zhān Cūn Village
Wuzhongling Village 武忠陵村 Wǔ Zhōng Líng Cūn Village
Lizhongling Village 李忠陵村 Lǐ Zhōng Líng Cūn Village
Chengzhongling Village 程忠陵村 Chéng Zhōng Líng Cūn Village
Zhaizhongling Village 翟忠陵村 Zhái Zhōng Líng Cūn Village
Liushi Village 六市村 Lìu Shì Cūn Village
Duzhan Village 杜占村 Dù Zhān Cūn Village
Qianyanzhan Village 前闫占村 Qián Yán Zhān Cūn Village
Houyanzhan Village 后闫占村 Hòu Yán Zhān Cūn Village
Chaozhuang Village 晁庄村 Cháo Zhuāng Cūn Village
Dongxi Village 东习村 Dōng Xí Cūn Village
Nanxi Village 南习村 Nán Xí Cūn Village
Beixi Village 北习村 Běi Xí Cūn Village
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Towns , Townships or Sub-Districts under the same County:

Wangchenggu Township [in Chinese] 王称固乡
Liutun Town [in Chinese] 柳屯镇
Wenliu Town [in Chinese] 文留镇
Qingzu Town [in Chinese] 庆祖镇
Bagongqiao Town [in Chinese] 八公桥镇
Hubuzhai Township [in Chinese] 户部寨乡
Qinghetou Township [in Chinese] 清河头乡
Chengguan Town [in Chinese] 城关镇
Liangzhuang Township [in Chinese] 梁庄乡

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