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Chengxi Sub-district, A sub-division of urban area of Yiwu City,Zhejiang Province

In Chinese: ????
In Pinyin: Chéng Xi Jie Dào ;
Administrative Division Code : ;
Post Code : 32200;
Calling Code : 0579
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 浙G
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 330782

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Villages,Communities or Neighbourhoods under this Town (Township, Sub-District)
Village in EnglishIn Chinese In PinyinZONE TYPE
Longshan Community 龙山社区 Lóng Shan Shè Qu Community
Wuyi Village 五一村 Wu Yi Cun Village
Liuyi Village 六一村 Lìu Yi Cun Village
Qiyi Village 七一村 Qi Yi Cun Village
Xifang Village 西方村 Xi Fang Cun Village
Fengxi Village 枫溪村 Feng Xi Cun Village
Wuxing Village 五星村 Wu Xing Cun Village
Maodian Qiaotou Village 毛店桥头村 Máo Diàn Qiáo Tóu Cun Village
Xiyu Village 西俞村 Xi Yú Cun Village
Xinjiang Village 新江村 Xin Jiang Cun Village
Hengtang Village 横塘村 Héng Táng Cun Village
Donghong Village 东红村 Dong Hóng Cun Village
Hengshan Village 横山村 Héng Shan Cun Village
Shanweng Village 山翁村 Shan Weng Cun Village
Yuzhai Village 于宅村 Yú Zhái Cun Village
Diankou Village 殿口村 Diàn Kou Cun Village
Jiangmutang Village 蒋母塘村 Jiang Mu Táng Cun Village
Yigongshan Village 益公山村 Yì Gong Shan Cun Village
Xiajitang Village 夏迹塘村 Xià Ji Táng Cun Village
Jingtouxu Village 井头徐村 Jing Tóu Xú Cun Village
Xinshuangxi Village 新双溪村 Xin Shuang Xi Cun Village
Ximaodian Village 西毛店村 Xi Máo Diàn Cun Village
Tangxiazheng Village 塘下郑村 Táng Xià Zhèng Cun Village
Liujiali Village 六甲里村 Lìu Jia Li Cun Village
Shanbiancheng Village 山边程村 Shan Bian Chéng Cun Village
Xiayan Village 夏演村 Xià Yan Cun Village
Liuxia Village 流下村 Líu Xià Cun Village
Qiantang Village 前塘村 Qián Táng Cun Village
Xigan Village 溪干村 Xi Gan Cun Village
Qiaotou Village 桥头村 Qiáo Tóu Cun Village
Hecun Village 荷村村 Hé Cun Cun Village
Liucun Village 流村村 Líu Cun Cun Village
Xialou Village 夏楼村 Xià Lóu Cun Village
Houye Village 后叶村 Hòu Yè Cun Village
Shangyang Village 上杨村 Shàng Yáng Cun Village
Lijie Village 里界村 Li Jiè Cun Village
Pingqiao Village 平桥村 Píng Qiáo Cun Village
Lijing Village 里京村 Li Jing Cun Village
Shuijian Village 水涧村 Shui Jiàn Cun Village
Liyushan Village 鲤鱼山村 Li Yú Shan Cun Village
Wukantou Village 吴坎头村 Wú Kan Tóu Cun Village
Liudatang Village 流大塘村 Líu Dà Táng Cun Village
Hesilu Village 何斯路村 Hé Si Lù Cun Village
Fenshuitang Village 分水塘村 Fen Shui Táng Cun Village
Huangshan Wukou Village 黄山坞口村 Huáng Shan Wù Kou Cun Village
Shentangwu Village 深塘坞村 Shen Táng Wù Cun Village
Shimingtang Village 石明堂村 Shí Míng Táng Cun Village
Hepanshan Village 何泮山村 Hé Pàn Shan Cun Village
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Towns , Townships or Sub-Districts under the same County:

Fotang Town [in Chinese] 佛堂镇
Dachen Town [in Chinese] 大陈镇
Shangxi Town [in Chinese] 上溪镇
Chi′an Town [in Chinese] 赤岸镇
Yiting Town [in Chinese] 义亭镇
Suxi Town [in Chinese] 苏溪镇
Choucheng Sub-district [in Chinese] 稠城街道
Beiyuan Sub-district [in Chinese] 北苑街道
Choujiang Sub-district [in Chinese] 稠江街道

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