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Dachen Town, A division of Yiwu City,Zhejiang Province

In Chinese: ???
In Pinyin: Dà Chén Zhèn ;
Administrative Division Code : ;
Post Code : 32200;
Calling Code : 0579
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 浙G
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 330782

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Villages,Communities or Neighbourhoods under this Town (Township, Sub-District)
Village in EnglishIn Chinese In PinyinZONE TYPE
Houfan Neighborhood 后畈居委会 Hòu Fàn Ju Wei Huì Neighborhood
Tuanjie Village 团结村 Tuán Jié Cun Village
Duqiao Village 杜桥村 Dù Qiáo Cun Village
Jindu Village 金都村 Jin Du Cun Village
Hongqi Village 红旗村 Hóng Qí Cun Village
Hushan Village 湖山村 Hú Shan Cun Village
Ganshan Village 甘山村 Gan Shan Cun Village
Huangshengtang Village 凰升塘村 Huáng Sheng Táng Cun Village
Wencaotang Village 温草塘村 Wen Cao Táng Cun Village
Beijinshan Village 北金山村 Bei Jin Shan Cun Village
Dachen First Village 大陈一村 Dà Chén Yi Cun First Village
Dachen Second Village 大陈二村 Dà Chén èr Cun Second Village
Dachen Third Village 大陈三村 Dà Chén San Cun Third Village
Chaotang Village 朝塘村 Cháo Táng Cun Village
Pomu Village 婆姆村 Pó Mu Cun Village
Xi′an Village 西岸村 Xi àn Cun Village
Luchai Village 芦柴村 Lú Chái Cun Village
Shankeng Village 善坑村 Shàn Keng Cun Village
Langwu Village 郎坞村 Láng Wù Cun Village
Banwu Village 板坞村 Ban Wù Cun Village
Mafan Village 马畈村 Ma Fàn Cun Village
Chunlin Village 春林村 Chun Lín Cun Village
Xihou Village 溪后村 Xi Hòu Cun Village
Dafan Village 大畈村 Dà Fàn Cun Village
Yinganshan Village 银干山村 Yín Gan Shan Cun Village
Zhalin First Village 楂林一村 Zha Lín Yi Cun First Village
Zhalin Second Village 楂林二村 Zha Lín èr Cun Second Village
Yangtangling Village 杨塘岭村 Yáng Táng Ling Cun Village
Liloushan Village 里娄山村 Li Lóu Shan Cun Village
Limengzhai Village 李孟宅村 Li Mèng Zhái Cun Village
Shangkengren Village 上坑仁村 Shàng Keng Rén Cun Village
Dalingxia Village 大岭下村 Dà Ling Xià Cun Village
Tongkeng Dianxia Village 同坑殿下村 Tóng Keng Diàn Xià Cun Village
Dumen Village 杜门村 Dù Mén Cun Village
Hongfeng Village 红峰村 Hóng Feng Cun Village
Huantang Village 宦塘村 Huàn Táng Cun Village
Yibei Village 义北村 Yì Bei Cun Village
Dengta Village 灯塔村 Deng Ta Cun Village
Shuangyuan Village 双园村 Shuang Yuán Cun Village
Donglian Village 东联村 Dong Lián Cun Village
Xinjian Village 新建村 Xin Jiàn Cun Village
Gaolu Village 高路村 Gao Lù Cun Village
Shanfu Village 山府村 Shan Fu Cun Village
Beishan Village 北山村 Bei Shan Cun Village
Houtianfan Village 后田畈村 Hòu Tián Fàn Cun Village
Loujiawu Village 楼家坞村 Lóu Jia Wù Cun Village
Bali Qiaotou Village 八里桥头村 Ba Li Qiáo Tóu Cun Village
Lishanhuang Village 立山黄村 Lì Shan Huáng Cun Village
Yanjie Village 岩界村 Yán Jiè Cun Village
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Towns , Townships or Sub-Districts under the same County:

Fotang Town [in Chinese] 佛堂镇
Chengxi Sub-District [in Chinese] 城西街道
Shangxi Town [in Chinese] 上溪镇
Chi′an Town [in Chinese] 赤岸镇
Yiting Town [in Chinese] 义亭镇
Suxi Town [in Chinese] 苏溪镇
Choucheng Sub-district [in Chinese] 稠城街道
Beiyuan Sub-district [in Chinese] 北苑街道
Choujiang Sub-district [in Chinese] 稠江街道

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