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Suxi Town, A division of Yiwu City,Zhejiang Province

In Chinese: ???
In Pinyin: Su Xi Zhèn ;
Administrative Division Code : ;
Post Code : 32200;
Calling Code : 0579
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 浙G
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 330782

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Villages,Communities or Neighbourhoods under this Town (Township, Sub-District)
Village in EnglishIn Chinese In PinyinZONE TYPE
Huzhai Community 胡宅社区 Hú Zhái Shè Qu Community
Xinyuan Village 新院村 Xin Yuàn Cun Village
Jiangzhai Village 蒋宅村 Jiang Zhái Cun Village
Houdian Village 后店村 Hòu Diàn Cun Village
Chezhan Village 车站村 Che Zhàn Cun Village
Suyuan Village 苏院村 Su Yuàn Cun Village
Mading Village 马丁村 Ma Ding Cun Village
Xinzhong Village 新中村 Xin Zhong Cun Village
Xufeng Village 徐丰村 Xú Feng Cun Village
Litang Village 立塘村 Lì Táng Cun Village
Mixi Village 密溪村 Mì Xi Cun Village
Hongliu Village 洪流村 Hóng Líu Cun Village
Dongqing Village 东青村 Dong Qing Cun Village
Ducun Village 杜村村 Dù Cun Cun Village
Sunan Village 苏南村 Su Nán Cun Village
Xingzhai Village 邢宅村 Xíng Zhái Cun Village
Xinle Village 新乐村 Xin Lè Cun Village
Wangjie Village 王界村 Wáng Jiè Cun Village
Xiangdong Village 向东村 Xiàng Dong Cun Village
Hanjie Village 韩界村 Hán Jiè Cun Village
Changfu Village 长府村 Cháng Fu Cun Village
Tongchun Village 同春村 Tóng Chun Cun Village
Tongyu Village 同裕村 Tóng Yù Cun Village
Sanlian Village 三联村 San Lián Cun Village
Lianhe Village 联合村 Lián Hé Cun Village
Shanglou Village 上楼村 Shàng Lóu Cun Village
Qingchun Village 青春村 Qing Chun Cun Village
Wengjie Village 翁界村 Weng Jiè Cun Village
Xiawu Village 下屋村 Xià Wu Cun Village
Xibei Village 溪北村 Xi Bei Cun Village
Shuangxi Village 双溪村 Shuang Xi Cun Village
Huating Village 花厅村 Hua Ting Cun Village
Dianxia Village 殿下村 Diàn Xià Cun Village
Xianxia Village 仙下村 Xian Xià Cun Village
Xianding Village 仙顶村 Xian Ding Cun Village
Longhua Village 龙华村 Lóng Hua Cun Village
Pingfengshi Village 屏风石村 Píng Feng Shí Cun Village
Lixigang Village 里西岗村 Li Xi Gang Cun Village
Yangmeigang Village 杨梅岗村 Yáng Méi Gang Cun Village
Youbeitang Village 油碑塘村 Yóu Bei Táng Cun Village
Wantouxia Village 湾头下村 Wan Tóu Xià Cun Village
Qishanlou Village 齐山楼村 Qí Shan Lóu Cun Village
Yuebaitang Village 月白塘村 Yuè Bái Táng Cun Village
Xuzhangtang Village 徐樟塘村 Xú Zhang Táng Cun Village
Yujiadian Village 余家殿村 Yú Jia Diàn Cun Village
Tanglijiang Village 塘里蒋村 Táng Li Jiang Cun Village
Liwaigan Village 里外甘村 Li Wài Gan Cun Village
Lizhai Village 里宅村 Li Zhái Cun Village
Gaoling Village 高岭村 Gao Ling Cun Village
Mucheng Village 木城村 Mù Chéng Cun Village
Shitang Village 石塘村 Shí Táng Cun Village
Xiachen Village 下陈村 Xià Chén Cun Village
Xinting Village 新厅村 Xin Ting Cun Village
Shanggan Village 上甘村 Shàng Gan Cun Village
Fanjia Village 范家村 Fàn Jia Cun Village
Fantian Village 畈田村 Fàn Tián Cun Village
Dongzhai Village 东宅村 Dong Zhái Cun Village
Zhanghu Village 张浒村 Zhang Hu Cun Village
Shangxitao Village 上西陶村 Shàng Xi Táo Cun Village
Houshanwu Village 后山坞村 Hòu Shan Wù Cun Village
Tangtouying Village 塘头应村 Táng Tóu Ying Cun Village
Donghumen Village 东湖门村 Dong Hú Mén Cun Village
Dongdianqian Village 东殿前村 Dong Diàn Qián Cun Village
Shangshanxia Village 上山下村 Shàng Shan Xià Cun Village
Shangdalu Village 上大路村 Shàng Dà Lù Cun Village
Louxiazhang Village 楼下张村 Lóu Xià Zhang Cun Village
Xishanxia Village 西山下村 Xi Shan Xià Cun Village
Dongtao Village 东陶村 Dong Táo Cun Village
Donghong Village 东洪村 Dong Hóng Cun Village
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Towns , Townships or Sub-Districts under the same County:

Fotang Town [in Chinese] 佛堂镇
Dachen Town [in Chinese] 大陈镇
Chengxi Sub-District [in Chinese] 城西街道
Shangxi Town [in Chinese] 上溪镇
Chi′an Town [in Chinese] 赤岸镇
Yiting Town [in Chinese] 义亭镇
Choucheng Sub-district [in Chinese] 稠城街道
Beiyuan Sub-district [in Chinese] 北苑街道
Choujiang Sub-district [in Chinese] 稠江街道

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