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Xixi Town, A division of Yongkang City,Zhejiang Province

In Chinese: 西溪镇
In Pinyin: Xī Xī Zhèn ;
Administrative Division Code : ;
Post Code : 321300;
Calling Code : 0579
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 浙G
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 330784

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Villages,Communities or Neighbourhoods under this Town (Township, Sub-District)
Village in EnglishIn Chinese In PinyinZONE TYPE
Xixi Neighborhood 西溪居委会 Xī Xī Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Baiyan Neighborhood 柏岩居委会 Bǎi Yán Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Tangxi Neighborhood 棠溪居委会 Táng Xī Jū Wēi Huì Neighborhood
Xixi Village 西溪村 Xī Xī Cūn Village
Xiali Village 下里村 Xià Lǐ Cūn Village
Tongtang Village 桐塘村 Tóng Táng Cūn Village
Shangtangtou Village 上塘头村 Shàng Táng Tóu Cūn Village
Sikou Village 寺口村 Sì Kǒu Cūn Village
Xishan Village 西山村 Xī Shān Cūn Village
Shijiang Village 石江村 Shí Jiāng Cūn Village
Yuchuan Village 玉川村 Yù Chuān Cūn Village
Mawu Village 马坞村 Mǎ Wù Cūn Village
Jinyuan Village 金园村 Jīn Yuán Cūn Village
Shangtan Village 上坛村 Shàng Tán Cūn Village
Xitang Village 西塘村 Xī Táng Cūn Village
Qingshankou Village 青山口村 Qīng Shān Kǒu Cūn Village
Dingkeng Village 丁坑村 Dīng Kēng Cūn Village
Lianwu Village 莲屋村 Lián Wū Cūn Village
Hongtang Village 洪塘村 Hóng Táng Cūn Village
Pankeng Village 潘坑村 Pān Kēng Cūn Village
Dachuan Village 大川村 Dà Chuān Cūn Village
Zhaikou Village 寨口村 Zhài Kǒu Cūn Village
Baidong Village 柏东村 Bǎi Dōng Cūn Village
Baixi Village 柏西村 Bǎi Xī Cūn Village
Shanglu Village 上卢村 Shàng Lú Cūn Village
Xiazhao Village 下赵村 Xià Zhào Cūn Village
Xiaxu Village 下徐村 Xià Xú Cūn Village
Dongkeng Village 董坑村 Dǒng Kēng Cūn Village
Kongcun Village 孔村 Kǒng Cūn Village
Jiachu Village 贾处村 Jiǎ Chù Cūn Village
Huangxitan Village 黄溪滩村 Huáng Xī Tān Cūn Village
Hukengdong Village 壶坑洞村 Hú Kēng Dòng Cūn Village
Shangma Hengyan Village 上马横沿村 Shàng Mǎ Héng Yán Cūn Village
Loushankeng Village 楼山坑村 Lóu Shān Kēng Cūn Village
Zhexi Village 柘溪村 Zhè Xī Cūn Village
Tangxi Village 棠溪村 Táng Xī Cūn Village
Shanglongkou Village 上弄口村 Shàng Lòng Kǒu Cūn Village
Daomen Village 道门村 Dào Mén Cūn Village
Shangxu Village 上徐村 Shàng Xú Cūn Village
Shanghuangqiao Village 尚黄桥村 Shàng Huáng Qiáo Cūn Village
Yimen Village 义门村 Yì Mén Cūn Village
Bainiancheng Village 百念秤村 Bǎi Niàn Chēng Cūn Village
Shangma Village 上马村 Shàng Mǎ Cūn Village
Shangjiang Village 上蒋村 Shàng Jiǎng Cūn Village
Hougangtou Village 后岗头村 Hòu Gǎng Tóu Cūn Village
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Towns , Townships or Sub-Districts under the same County:

Dongcheng Sub-District [in Chinese] 东城街道
Tangxian Town [in Chinese] 唐先镇
Qiancang Town [in Chinese] 前仓镇
Huajie Town [in Chinese] 花街镇
Zhoushan Town [in Chinese] 舟山镇
Gushan Town [in Chinese] 古山镇
Fangyan Town [in Chinese] 方岩镇
Xiangzhu Town [in Chinese] 象珠镇
Shizhu Town [in Chinese] 石柱镇

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