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Yiting Town, A division of Yiwu City,Zhejiang Province

In Chinese: ???
In Pinyin: Yì Tíng Zhèn ;
Administrative Division Code : ;
Post Code : 32200;
Calling Code : 0579
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 浙G
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 330782

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Villages,Communities or Neighbourhoods under this Town (Township, Sub-District)
Village in EnglishIn Chinese In PinyinZONE TYPE
Chenjia Neighborhood 陈家居委会 Chén Jia Ju Wei Huì Neighborhood
Yiting Neighborhood 义亭居委会 Yì Tíng Ju Wei Huì Neighborhood
Hediantang Neighborhood 荷店塘居委会 Hé Diàn Táng Ju Wei Huì Neighborhood
Wangwuqiao Neighborhood 旺吴桥居委会 Wàng Wú Qiáo Ju Wei Huì Neighborhood
Yiting Chezhan Neighborhood 义亭车站居委会 Yì Tíng Che Zhàn Ju Wei Huì Neighborhood
Chongyang Neighborhood 重阳居委会 Chóng Yáng Ju Wei Huì Neighborhood
Baitang Village 白塘村 Bái Táng Cun Village
Shanjing Village 山景村 Shan Jing Cun Village
Baozhai Village 鲍宅村 Bào Zhái Cun Village
Xiayu Village 下宇村 Xià Yu Cun Village
Quancun Village 全村村 Quán Cun Cun Village
Qianzhai Village 前宅村 Qián Zhái Cun Village
Houzhang Village 后张村 Hòu Zhang Cun Village
Shikou Village 市口村 Shì Kou Cun Village
Xihoufan Village 西后畈村 Xi Hòu Fàn Cun Village
Xiwu Village 西吴村 Xi Wú Cun Village
Xiyang Village 西杨村 Xi Yáng Cun Village
Zhangjia Village 张家村 Zhang Jia Cun Village
Wucun Village 吴村村 Wú Cun Cun Village
Fuzhai Village 傅宅村 Fù Zhái Cun Village
Longtouzhu First Village 陇头朱一村 Long Tóu Zhu Yi Cun Village
Longtouzhu Second Village 陇头朱二村 Long Tóu Zhu èr Cun Village
Longtouzhu Third Village 陇头朱三村 Long Tóu Zhu San Cun Village
Longtouzhu Fourth Village 陇头朱四村 Long Tóu Zhu Sì Cun Village
Tiantang Village 田塘村 Tián Táng Cun Village
Xitian Village 西田村 Xi Tián Cun Village
Qingsu Village 青肃村 Qing Sù Cun Village
Shangzhai Village 上宅村 Shàng Zhái Cun Village
Chelu Village 车路村 Che Lù Cun Village
Shangteng Village 上滕村 Shàng Téng Cun Village
Xiadian Village 下店村 Xià Diàn Cun Village
Xiateng Village 下滕村 Xià Téng Cun Village
Xiantian Village 先田村 Xian Tián Cun Village
Xilou Village 西楼村 Xi Lóu Cun Village
Dalou Village 大楼村 Dà Lóu Cun Village
Gangyao Village 缸窑村 Gang Yáo Cun Village
Hedian Village 何店村 Hé Diàn Cun Village
Qianwu Village 前屋村 Qián Wu Cun Village
Yucun Village 俞村村 Yú Cun Cun Village
Shanghu Village 上胡村 Shàng Hú Cun Village
Chendian Village 陈店村 Chén Diàn Cun Village
Muqiao Village 木桥村 Mù Qiáo Cun Village
Yeqian Village 叶前村 Yè Qián Cun Village
Jianchou Village 枧畴村 Jian Chóu Cun Village
Hangchou Village 杭畴村 Háng Chóu Cun Village
Gutingtang Village 古亭塘村 Gu Tíng Táng Cun Village
Longhuayuan Village 龙华院村 Lóng Hua Yuàn Cun Village
Xiaxinwu Village 下新屋村 Xià Xin Wu Cun Village
Lutangxia Village 芦塘下村 Lú Táng Xià Cun Village
Nianmushan Village 念亩山村 Niàn Mu Shan Cun Village
Yawenlou Village 雅文楼村 Ya Wén Lóu Cun Village
Shita First Village 石塔一村 Shí Ta Yi Cun First Village
Shita Second Village 石塔二村 Shí Ta èr Cun Second Village
Wangshanding Village 王山顶村 Wáng Shan Ding Cun Village
Xinfan Village 新樊村 Xin Fán Cun Village
Yangkezheng Village 仰科郑村 Yang Ke Zhèng Cun Village
Xinxihe Village 新西河村 Xin Xi Hé Cun Village
Wangqian First Village 王阡一村 Wáng Qian Yi Cun First Village
Wangqian Second Village 王阡二村 Wáng Qian èr Cun Second Village
Wangqian Third Village 王阡三村 Wáng Qian San Cun Third Village
Wangliantang Village 王莲塘村 Wáng Lián Táng Cun Village
Tongshanqian Village 铜山前村 Tóng Shan Qián Cun Village
Lihouzhang Village 里后张村 Li Hòu Zhang Cun Village
Baitatang Village 白塔塘村 Bái Ta Táng Cun Village
Fantianzhu Village 畈田朱村 Fàn Tián Zhu Cun Village
Zaoxitang Village 早溪塘村 Zao Xi Táng Cun Village
Shangbao Xitang Village 上包西塘村 Shàng Bao Xi Táng Cun Village
Xiabao Xitang Village 下包西塘村 Xià Bao Xi Táng Cun Village
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Towns , Townships or Sub-Districts under the same County:

Fotang Town [in Chinese] 佛堂镇
Dachen Town [in Chinese] 大陈镇
Chengxi Sub-District [in Chinese] 城西街道
Shangxi Town [in Chinese] 上溪镇
Chi′an Town [in Chinese] 赤岸镇
Suxi Town [in Chinese] 苏溪镇
Choucheng Sub-district [in Chinese] 稠城街道
Beiyuan Sub-district [in Chinese] 北苑街道
Choujiang Sub-district [in Chinese] 稠江街道

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